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'Bridesmaids' actor Chris O'Dowd plots a prank on his 15-week-old son

Chris O'Dowd's son is just 15 weeks old, but there's a surprise waiting for him when he's older.
/ Source: TODAY

Any child growing up with Chris O'Dowd for a dad is going to have to develop a sense of humor early on, if for no other reason than to figure out when his father is totally pranking him.

As the "Bridesmaids" star (who's currently appearing on Broadway in "Of Mice and Men") told Conan on Tuesday night, there's a very longform prank he's planning for his son Art, who is just 15 weeks old.

Basically, whenever he takes the young one to the park, he makes sure to get a picture of the baby being held by a family that happens to be there. "I'm gonna get the photos developed and I'm gonna put them in a frame behind another picture and when he's around 14 or 15, he'll be like, 'Oh, I need a frame.' And I'll be like, 'Oh, just take one of the frames from upstairs.' And then he'll pull out the photo and think he belonged to another family."

O'Dowd has even planned what he'll say (in a horrified voice) when his son asks about the photo: "Where did you get that?"

We can't quite decide if this is awesome or mean, but thanks to dad's willingness to wait 15 years for the punchline, we're going with awesome.

The actor admitted that he hadn't let his wife Dawn O'Porter, a UK TV presenter, in on the joke. But the parents have already had a laugh with the new tot by posting this hilarious tweet shortly after Art's January birth by adding O'Dowd's beard and O'Porter's bob haircut to a baby photo:

Oh, Art, there are good times ahead.

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