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Rumer Willis posts breastfeeding photo to share candid birthday reflections: ‘This is 35’

/ Source: TODAY

Rumer Willis is celebrating her 35th birthday by taking a look back at her 34th.

“Last year on my birthday I had just found out I was pregnant with Lou and I was so tired and kinda nauseous and I hadn’t really told anyone,” she wrote in a candid Instagram post reflecting on how motherhood has changed her life.

Willis' 35th denotes her first birthday as a mother, and to mark the occasion, she shared a nude photo of herself breastfeeding her daughter, Lou, who is now 4 months old.

“This is 35,” she wrote. “Ridiculously Sunburnt and Feeding my Lou.”

In the lengthy post, Willis says having her daughter feels like “every birthday wish I have ever had has come true ten fold.”

“This past year has come with so much growth, so many challenges and fears to overcome but right along side more joy than I could ever imagine,” she wrote. “I truly learned what it is to surrender into the deepest core of myself and find a strength and a primal power I didn’t know I had.”

She also reflected on how she’s changed over the past year, writing “this new version of me is someone I love more than I ever thought I could.” She noted that she feels more comfortable and confident than ever and shared her goals for how she will spend age 35.

“My highest intention is to have the strength and trust to let go of any pattern, any thinking, really ANYTHING that are no longer serving my or my daughters highest good. And surrender into the deepest trust within myself and with the universe that the life I have always dreamed of is unfolding,” she wrote.

In closing, she noted that her 35th, which she celebrated on Aug. 16, was “one of the best birthdays” she’s had and said she has “never felt more beautiful” than she does now, adding the hashtag, #hotmomERA.

Willis' mom Demi Moore shared a tribute for her daughter's birthday with photos from the day Lou was born. In one picture, Moore holds Willis' hands while she was in labor, and in another, she snuggles with her daughter and granddaughter.

Willis welcomed Lou, whose full name is Louetta Isley Thomas Willis, at home on April 18.

“My life changed the day you were born,” Moore captioned her post, in part. “Now here you are my baby, with your own baby, bringing even greater meaning, magic, and love into all of our lives.”

Earlier this week, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Moore opened up about her postpartum body and shared a naked photo of herself.

In the caption of her Aug. 14 post, she noted that her bigger breasts and softer stomach and hips service her daughter and herself.

“Whatever shape it ends up in, I am just grateful for all that it did and continues to do,” she wrote.