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Breastfeeding mom asked by museum to cover up responds by posting naked statues

After the woman pointed out what had happened, the museum director quickly responded with an apology.
/ Source: TODAY

A mom who claims she was asked to cover up while breastfeeding her child at a London museum responded to the request by tweeting a series of photos of naked female statues inside the gallery she was visiting.

“Flashed a nanosecond of nipple while #breastfeeding and was asked to cover up in @V_and_A courtyard. Am perplexed....,” wrote the Twitter user who goes by “Vaguechera” in her original post Saturday after she said she was approached by a staffer at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

She then began poking fun at the request by tweeting a series of photos showing just some of the numerous statues inside the museum that featured women’s breasts.

She concluded by saying that “on the upside” she had a lovely day “exploring depictions of breasts thru the ages and making lovely mammaries. I mean memories.”

The posts caught the attention of the museum’s director, who quickly issued an apology.

“V sorry. Our policy is clear: women may breastfeed wherever they like, wherever they feel comfortable & shld not be disturbed,” Tristram Hunt said in a tweet.

The breastfeeding mom noted to responders that she had been discreetly nursing her 12-month-old child beneath a cardigan when she was approached by a staffer. She also clarified that was asked politely to cover up, but not to stop breastfeeding.

“It is still inhibiting & unpleasant,” she said in a post.

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The episode created an uproar on social media, for which the mom has since expressed regret by saying she had become “quite weary of being made a lightening rod for people's conflicted ideas about breastfeeding.”

But she maintained it was important to speak out because embarrassment over breastfeeding was one of most common reasons that women give up on it.