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Boy's birthday gets elevated by 'Transformers' Optimus Prime cake

One young "Transformers" fan just had the most awesome birthday cake experience ever.
/ Source: TODAY

Parents, the bar for your kids' birthdays has been raised. And so has the cake.

When Russell Munro's son wanted a "Transformers" cake for his 6th birthday, Dad sprung into action. Sure, he could have ordered something custom made, but there's no way it would have been as awesome as what they were able to DIY at home.

At first, the cake looks just like the front end of a semi, which is kind of cool all by itself. But when the switch gets flipped, there's an audio introduction for the cake ... and then the dessert takes on a life of its own!

Ever want to see pure joy? Check out the birthday kid's amazed, delighted face.

Cake vs. Actual Optimus Prime. Only one is delicious.YouTube.

Want to know a little about how it was done? Don't miss the behind-the-scenes video below of the mechanics behind the transformation.

Warning: Not every parent will have the time, patience or skill to make this cake happen. Unless you want your own "Transformers" fans clamoring for their own movable feast, do not show them the video!

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