'Amazing!' Boy wakes up from surgery shocked, thrilled about cast

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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

Breaking a bone is a painful experience, but one 13-year-old boy found the bright side of it thanks to some post-surgical wooziness.

Walker Clark fell off a rope swing and required surgery to repair a bad break to his arm. But when he came out of the anesthesia and discovered a flashy red cast, well, he was feeling no pain.

"Look at my cast!" a very enthused Clark exclaimed in a video his family uploaded to YouTube.

A nearby nurse was more concerned with other things at the time. "Look at your blood pressure," she shot back.

But Clark couldn't contain his excitement.

"It's amazing!" he raved. "Whoa! Did you see it? That's incredible. Wow! I have a cast! That's awesome."

Check out the clip to really appreciate Clark's delight — especially when he plays an unintentional game of hide-and-seek with his limb.

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