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Boy knocks over Lego sculpture worth over $15K at new exhibit

An artist named Zhao spent days creating a human-size Lego sculpture for an exhibit in China, only to watch his work come crashing down at the hands of a little boy.
/ Source: TODAY



There's really only one way to approach this story: Imagine you are an artist named Zhao, and you have spent three days and three nights placing hundreds of Lego pieces atop one another until you finally create a human-size figurine featuring the likeness of Nick, a character from the movie "Zootopia." Your masterpiece is worth more than 100,000 yuan (or a little over $15,000) when it's completed.

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It is your magnum opus. Your everything.

Imagine you bring said sculpture to the Lego Expo in Ningbo, China. Imagine it's the exhibition's first day, and the public has been allowed to view the display for a little over an hour when ... when ... a little boy pushes your prized Lego sculpture over, breaking it and causing little Lego pieces to cascade across the floor.

Would you be able to tell the Beijing Youth Daily that "The child did not intend to break it"?

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This reporter is personally not so sure, seeing as even reading the news reports of the incident made her emotional.

But, yes. It was a mistake, and mistakes happen. IT'S FINE! At least no humans were hurt.

Just a little anxiety-inducing, that's all.

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Zhao went on to post pictures on Weibo showing the construction process for building Lego Nick. The final picture showed Lego pieces strewn across the floor.

Truly, those Weibo posts could qualify as art all on their own.