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7-year-old boy goes viral for his Amanda Gorman costume at school

See her sweet response to one little boy's tribute.
/ Source: TODAY

When Jeremy Rowan, 7, had to dress as his idol for his school's Spirit Day, he knew exactly who he wanted to be: The nation's first-ever youth poet laureate, Amanda Gorman.

"He really looks up to Amanda — she is such a strong youth leader and role model," his mom, Kimberly Rowan, told TODAY Parents.

His tribute even caught the eye of the poet herself.

Jeremy Rowan, 7, dressed as poet laureate Amanda Gorman for "dress as your idol" day at school.
Jeremy Rowan, 7, dressed as poet laureate Amanda Gorman for "dress as your idol" day at school.Courtesy Kimberly Rowan, Getty Images

Jeremy Rowan watched the inauguration of President Joe Biden with his second grade classmates, and the 7-year-old was inspired by Gorman and the poem she read at the event.

Jeremy chose Gorman as the focus of his biography project in writing class, researching and writing his own version of her life story.

So "dress as your idol" day was an easy choice for Jeremy.

"He said he was dressing as Amanda since he was really enjoying reading her biography and writing a report about her life and poetry," Kimberly Rowan, told TODAY Parents. "And when it came to finding the outfit, he knew right where to look: in his closet, the costume box and beyond. He had a blast coming up with the costume."

Kimberly Rowan shared a photo of her son's costume, which includes a red microfiber cloth she pinned to his hair to represent Gorman's iconic red headband and a puffy yellow jacket, on Twitter, tagging Gorman in the post.

What happened next made the Berkeley, California family's week.

"She replied, writing that she wanted to dress as him for her idol," said Rowan. "I was floored."

Rowan says Gorman then reached out to her, asking if she could post the story and photo on social media in honor of World Poetry Day on March 21.

"We were honored, and are still stunned really, by this reaction," said Rowan. "Then she sent us a beautiful video telling Jeremy how great his photo was. It is really such a special moment for him and I know it will shape who he becomes."

"The love from Amanda and the world has reaffirmed his choice in dressing as her," the mom of three added. "I believe this will allow him to continue to make bold choices in the future without the fear that others may react negatively."

Jeremy Rowan with his younger sisters, ages 5 and 2.
Jeremy Rowan with his younger sisters, ages 5 and 2.Kimberly Rowan

So what does Jeremy, who attends Thousand Oaks Elementary, the same school Vice President Kamala Harris attended as a child, like most about Amanda Gorman?

"He has said she recites her poetry like it's a song and uses her hands like she is translating it into sign language," Rowan said. "In the conclusion of his biography he wrote, 'I learned that Amanda Gorman is incredible because she knows that poetry is like using your words (to express your feelings and emotions).'"

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