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Boy gives himself a receding hairline: 'I'll never touch daddy's razor again'

Uh oh. Mom and Dad are not going to like this.
/ Source: TODAY

Uh oh. Dad's not going to like this.

We've seen it before: little kids taking matters into their own hands, giving themselves adorable haircuts. Well, adorable to us — to their parents, not so much.

But this little boy went all out.

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As the title of the Youtube video aptly explains, this kid didn't just go for the scissors, he took "daddy's razor" and shaved the front part of his head.

Which basically leaves him with the receding hairline of a middle-aged man.

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The boy's dad, who appears to address the boy in the video, doesn't seem too upset — he probably used the moments before whipping out the camera to calm himself down — which makes the boy's apologies even sweeter.

"I'll never touch daddy's razor again," he promises.

Dad makes him turn around, and the full picture makes the haircut seem like an extreme version of a mullet: bald dad in the front, full-haired toddler in the back.

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"I sorry," the boy tells his dad.

We're just wondering if Dad made him keep the haircut or if they ended up shaving it all off!