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Bode and Morgan Miller reveal they're expecting another baby

The couple's news comes three years after the tragic drowning death of their 19-month-old daughter, Emmy.
/ Source: TODAY

Bode and Morgan Miller are expecting another baby.

The couple revealed to People that they're expecting their sixth child together in November. The happy news comes three years after the tragic drowning of their 19-month-old daughter, Emmy.

"We found out at, like, three and a half weeks ... We both just knew that we had more space in our hearts to give more love," Morgan Miller told the magazine.

Though the sex reveal won't happen until next week, the pro volleyball player said that after having four boys and one girl, she and her former Olympic skier husband are crossing their fingers for another girl.

"All of our kids are so unique, and it’s always a surprise," said Bode Miller, "but I think after losing Emmy we both felt we wanted to try for a girl."

The couple are parents to sons Nash, 6, Easton, 2, and 18-month-oldtwins Asher and Aksel. Bode Miller is also dad to Dacey, 13, and Nate, 8, from previous relationships.

In a post on Instagram, Morgan Miller wrote "Family means everything to us and we are so excited that ours continues to grow! Baby Miller Ocho coming November 2021."

The couple celebrated Easton's 2nd birthday last October with a special mention of late daughter Emmy. Morgan Miller posted a photo to Instagram of little Easton, who was born just four months after Emmy died.

"Yesterday was a big day," she wrote in the caption. "Our rainbow baby turned 2! A celebration we didn’t get to have with Emmy. LOVE this little man so much."

Since Emmy's death, the couple have devoted themselves to teaching their kids to swim as early as possible — and encouraging other parents to do the same.

Just seven months after welcoming Asher and Aksel in November 2019, the couple opened up to TODAY's Natalie Morales about how they'd already begun teaching the twins how to survive in water thanks to Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) self-rescue instruction.

The parents noted that Easton had also undergone ISR training early, and had been learning more advanced swim moves that summer.

“(He’s) swimming across the pool, and he's laughing, and he's playing,” Morgan Miller shared. “And he's having fun, and it's such a huge sense of relief for us to know that he now has those skills."

But watching Easton's success in the water was bittersweet for the parents, who'd tried to enroll Emmy in swim classes one month prior to her death. The couple were turned away because Emmy was too young. (The American Academy of Pediatrics has since changed its guidance and now recommends teaching children to swim starting at age 1.)

"At the same time, it's a little bit of a gut punch because he's the exact same age Emmy was," said Morgan Miller. "To us, there's no reason why she should not have had these skills, and I am not willing to make that same mistake moving forward."

CORRECTION (May 20, 2021, 7:21 a.m.): A previous version of this story misspelled the name of one of the Millers' twins. It is spelled Aksel, not Askel.