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Bode and Morgan Miller introduce their newborn twins on TODAY — and reveal their names

The couple also revealed they may not be done growing their family.
/ Source: TODAY

Bode and Morgan Miller have shared the names of their twin baby boys just ahead of their first Christmas together!

The former Olympic skier, 42, and the professional beach volleyball player, 32, welcomed the twins six weeks ago to their growing family, but had yet to settle on names for them until now.

They revealed to Natalie Morales on TODAY Tuesday that they have named the boys Asher and Aksel, which they already have embroidered on their Christmas stockings for their first holiday together at the family's home in Big Sky, Montana.

Baby A and Baby B are Asher and Aksel!
Baby A and Baby B are Asher and Aksel!TODAY

The couple had been calling the boys Baby A and Baby B, but it sounds like they have finally come to a consensus about their names.

"For the most part it's official because they have stockings with their names on it,'' Morgan Miller said. "We still go back and forth."

"They're great names,'' Bode Miller said. "They're definitely a fit."

Christmas stockings with the names of the newborn twins.
Christmas stockings with the names of the newborn twins.TODAY

The baby boys already have shown some distinct personalities.

"They're very different," Morgan said. "Asher is much more needy. He loves the attention. He loves being snuggled. Whereas Aksel is much more like, 'I'm okay if you're okay. And even if you're not okay I'm still okay.' So he's just much more mellow."

"Seeing them together is one of the craziest things where you see they hold hands, and they interlock arms,'' Bode said.

Their birth came a year and a half after the couple lost their 1-year-old daughter Emmy in a tragic drowning accident at a neighbor's pool.

Bode and Morgan Miller sat down with TODAY's Natalie Morales at their home in Montana.
Bode and Morgan Miller sat down with TODAY's Natalie Morales at their home in Montana.TODAY

"There's no getting around it," Bode said about Emmy's death. "You deal with it every day. It's like there's this undercurrent of loss that's just never gonna go away."

The boys join their older brother, Easton, 1, as additions to the family since Emmy's death. The couple also have an older son, Nash, 4, and Bode has a daughter, Dace, 11, and son, Nate, 6, from previous relationships.

They also might not be done expanding their family.

"They're just such incredible kids, and I think that's part of the reason why we would consider and would like to have more,'' Morgan said.

Morgan and Bode were asked if they have a Christmas wish.

"An unrealistic one — another little girl,'' Morgan said.

As they look toward the future, the family has also found that their winter home in Montana has been a special place with a connection to Emmy.

"We spent so much time with her up here that we do have a lot of amazing memories with her in this area, and her first time skiing and just the holidays up here with her,'' Morgan said. "It still feels like we can go through this space and see her and feel her."

Since the accident, the couple has been raising awareness and funding for charities that promote water safety education. The twins are already signed up for infant swim lessons when they are six months old, while Easton will get a refresher course after getting some instruction earlier this year.

"People will ask us, 'How many kids do you have?' Sometimes (Bode will) say, 'Six,' And I will say, 'No. We have seven,''' Morgan said. "And then that obviously comes with the question of, 'Well, where's your other child?' And you will respond with, 'She drowned.'

"It's hard not to feel like, 'God, I'm a bad parent.' And answering that question is really hard. I cry every single time, but we get that message out."

Watching their children follow in Bode's tracks on the slopes has helped the couple continue to heal from their loss.

"It's not ever anything that will completely go away, and that pain is always gonna be there,'' Morgan said. "However, there are parts that you don't realize that need to be healed, that you do discover through spending time with your kids and traveling and doing all these amazing things, you do get healed. You just figure out how to live with it and keep moving forward."

Bode plans to open a ski academy in the Big Sky area in the future, where he can indulge his passion for the sport while he and Morgan keep their family front and center.

"Just to be together I think is really special and to be here with everyone and have everyone happy and healthy,'' Morgan said. "When you go through tragedy, you realize how precious those things are. You can't really ask for too much more.

"We're in a beautiful place, in a beautiful home surrounded by so many amazing people. Our kids are happy. Our kids are healthy. We still love each other. You can't ask for more."