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Bode and Morgan Miller can't decide what to name their newborn twins

Nearly two weeks after welcoming their sons to the world, the babies remain nameless. But mom has an idea!
/ Source: TODAY

Bode and Morgan Miller’s twin sons didn’t give mom and dad much notice before making their appearance on Nov. 8. In fact, the boys arrived on the scene before the midwives did.

But now that they’re here, the rush is over for the family.

To prove that point, consider this: Nearly two weeks later, the little ones are still waiting to be named.

When the former Olympic downhill skier called into TODAY last week to share their happy news, he mentioned that one of the perks of home birth was the ability to get to know the bundles of joy before naming them.

“In the hospital, they won’t let you out of there unless you name them,” he said. “We’ll come up with something. They really have such different personalities right now. It’s going to be cool to let them be a bit.”

But in an update to People magazine, the proud parents confessed they’re still letting be babies be — because Bode, 42, and Morgan, 32, just can’t agree!

Bode and Morgan Miller welcomed twins on Nov. 8.McCall Miller

“It’s a daily battle to the point where some days we have to stop the conversation and revisit the following day,” Morgan explained. “I come from very traditional names, like my dad is Edward. But Bode’s family, they have much more unique names. For example, his sister’s name is Genesis Wren Bungo Windrushing Turtleheart.”

And picking two perfect monikers is twice as difficult.

Bode Miller and his newborn twins: Baby Boy 1 and Baby Boy 2.McCall Miller

“Always finding the blend of the two names is a challenge, but I feel like we’ve done a really good job in the past of creating these unique names that end up fitting out kids,” Morgan continued.

The pair are also parents to a 4-year-old son named Nash and a 1-year-old son named Easton, whom they welcomed to the family just months after the drowning death of their 1-year-old daughter, Emmy, in 2018.

Bode also has a daughter, Dace, 11, and son, Nate, 6, from previous relationships.

One of the new arrivals nearly had a name recently. Apparently, Bode selected something, but Morgan vetoed it right away.

“We tried that,” she said without revealing the choice. “The name that he picked, I couldn’t do! I couldn’t do it, so we’re back to the drawing board.”

And now mom has an idea for a name for one of the boys: Beck.

There’s just one problem. Dad wants to use his veto now. So Morgan is enlisting a little help.

On Wednesday night, the pro beach volleyball player put up a poll on her Instagram Stories, asking fans to either pick Beck (her maiden name) or agree with Bode’s no vote. (At the time of publication, she’s currently winning, with 68% of her followers choosing Beck.)

Morgan Miller and her newborn boys.McCall Miller

But the final say could still be another week — or more — away.

Last year, Bode told TODAY that son Easton went by “baby brother” for three full weeks before he had a name.