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Bode and Morgan Miller share 'incredible' home birth story of their twins

The former Olympic skier and his professional beach volleyball player wife finally open up about the dramatic day their twins were born.
Morgan and Bode Miller
Morgan and Bode Miller are opening up about what happened the day they welcomed twin boys in November.Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

It's been over three months since Bode and Morgan Miller welcomed their twin boys, Asher and Aksel, and now the couple is sharing exactly what happened that day.

In a series of Instagram stories posted to her account on Saturday, Morgan interviews her husband about the events leading up to the identical twins' home birth on November 8 of last year.

"Please be gentle as this is a very intimate and sacred space," she urged followers in a post prefacing the story.

In the videos, the former Olympic skier faces the camera, answering off-camera questions from his wife. He recalls the excitement of the day and shares how they induced the births with a "baby rocket fuel" concoction that included castor oil.

In a series of Instagram stories posted to his wife Morgan's account, Bode Miller recounts the home birth of their twin sons.
In a series of Instagram stories posted to his wife Morgan's account, Bode Miller recounts the home birth of their twin sons.@morganebeck

"You were over it," Bode says of what led them to induce in Morgan's 39th week of pregnancy.

"Mentally and physically," she agrees.

The couple chose to share their birth story in the hopes that it might help others.

"I was so nervous about putting it all out there," Morgan told TODAY of her posts. "So many women were asking for inspiration to do a home birth or a natural birth and I felt like words didn’t cut it. But seeing it along with Bode’s ability to tell stories would be a little more impactful."

The Millers announced the boys' birth on Instagram in November, calling them "gifts" from their baby girl, daughter Emmeline who died of an accidental drowning in June 2018 when she was just 19 months old. Bode and Morgan, a professional beach volleyball player, are also parents to Easton, 1, and Nash, 4, as well as Dace, 11 and Nate, 6, from Bode's previous relationships.

When they were first born, Morgan hinted there was quite a story behind their births.

"Birth story is mind blowing and can’t wait to share," she captioned a series of photos of her newborn sons. "Insanely overwhelmed and grateful for all these gifts my baby girl keeps sending."

In this weekend's Instagram stories, the couple broke down exactly what their home birth experience was like and described it as "incredible."

As Morgan's labor started to escalate, Bode explains that their other children had gone to school "so we had a window, so to speak." Feeling "fairly confident" that they were "somewhat prepared," he went into "baby mode" and started filling up the tub for the home birth.

The Millers checked in with their midwives and called the photographer. Soon after, Morgan moved over to the bed.

"I was already pushing on your hips at that point...the babies were dropping," Bode says of the dramatic scene playing out at his home.

By that point, Bode revealed that his wife was ready to throw in the towel: "Morgan said she was going to the hospital for an epidural," he recalls, adding that he told her "that window has passed."

Things started to go quickly, and the babies arrived faster than anyone had anticipated. Bode, who was working alongside his mother — who is a midwife — had been helping Morgan by pushing on her hips. Though they had prepared a birth kit, when the time came, all they had nearby was a towel.

"As soon as I let go, the baby came out.... he was fully in the sac of water," Bode says in the video, explaining that his son was in a "clear water balloon" until his feet broke through.

"He was covered in vernix but completely healthy and happy," Bode says. "I passed him to my mom."

He expected a break between the births of the babies, but that was not what would happen. Very quickly, the second baby boy was born.

"The second one came out in one push. He was totally mellow," says Bode.

Bode's interview is interspersed with photos and video from the day, which show an emotional Morgan kneeling by the side of the bed, happy and blissful as she births both of her boys.

After the boys were born, the midwives came bursting in. "There were 12 people in the room, a jumble of mayhem," Bode remembers.

"It was incredible. It couldn't have been any better if you had scripted it."

Perhaps even more incredibly, the couple was able to get through the births before their other kids got home from school!

Two months later, Morgan shared an adorable video of the twins that Hoda featured on TODAY as a "Morning Boost."

Now that the boys are almost four months old, they've already started to develop distinct personalities. But the memory of their incredible birth will not soon be forgotten.

One of the midwives told TODAY that the birth of the twins was the "most amazing day ever" and said she felt Emmy was “very present” in the room that day.

For Bode's mom, one of the most fulfilling moments was getting to deliver the babies, her identical twin grandchildren.

"She hadn't done it in 25 years," Bode says in the clip. "Everything went super smooth."