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'Like any other brothers:' Meet Maryland's beautiful biracial twins

The sweet toddlers love to give each other kisses... and tackle each other occasionally.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Milner estimates that more than 20 doctors and nurses visited the delivery room after she welcomed her twin boys, Jakob and Joshua, in March 2020.

There was no medical emergency — they simply wanted to admire the babies. Jakob was born with blond hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion, like his dad, while Joshua came out with brown hair, brown eyes and brown skin, like his mom.

Jennifer, a therapist, and her husband, Matthew Milner, 33, were speechless. They had never heard about the genetic phenomenon of biracial twins.

“Joshua looked like me and Jakob was really, really pale. We were completely stunned,” Jennifer, 39, told TODAY Parents.

The Maryland-based couple also couldn’t believe their luck.

“We both got a baby that looks like us!” Jennifer explained. “How cool is that?”

Jennifer Milner cuddled up with her twin boys, Joshua and Jakob. Courtesy Jennifer Milner

Jakob and Joshua, who drew a crowd at the hospital, still attract attention wherever they go. Occasionally, Jennifer will feel strangers staring at her when she shows Jakob affection in public.

“If I’m kissing him, I’ll notice people are looking at us and trying to figure out our relationship,” she revealed. “I once ran into a woman who knew I was pregnant and instead of congratulating me she said, ‘That’s your biological son?’”

Joshua and Jakob Milner also have very different personalities. Courtesy Jennifer Milner

But more often, people are moved when they learn Jakob and Joshua are twin brothers.

"They’re a reminder that we’re all human with the same basic needs. The only difference is the complexion,” Jennifer said. “It’s really beautiful.”

The Milner family went for a stroll. Courtesy Jennifer Milner

When it comes to the Jakob and Joshua’s personalities, they are nearly as different as their looks. Jennifer describes Joshua as a “true people person,” who thrives on interactions with others. Jakob, on the other hand, is more of an observer. He likes to sit and take it all in.

Matthew Milner posed with his son Joshua. Courtesy Jennifer Milner

The 18-month-old siblings complement each other perfectly.

“They love giving each other kisses before bed. And Jakob will bring Joshua a pacifier. Of course they tackle each other sometimes,” Jennifer said. “They’re like any other brothers.”

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