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Billie Lourd marks 2-year anniversary of Carrie Fisher's death in beautiful way

See how the 26-year-old actress honored her mother on the heavy occasion.
Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher
It's been two years since Billie Lourd lost her mom, acting legend Carrie Fisher.Todd Williamson / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Death anniversaries are often difficult for survivors. The desire to honor a loved one on that sad occasion can conflict with a preference to focus on their life rather than the loss.

Actress Billie Lourd found herself facing that dilemma Thursday, two years to the day after her screen-legend mother, Carrie Fisher, died.

But Lourd found a beautiful way to navigate that struggle — by following her mom's advice.

"It has been two years since my Momby's death and I still don’t know what the 'right' thing to do on a death anniversary is (I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way about your loved ones)," she wrote in a message she shared on Instagram. "So I decided to do something a little vulnerable for me, but something we both loved to do together — sing."

That text appeared alongside two videos that show the 26-year-old seated at a piano and breaking out into song — Jackson Browne's "These Days," first popularized by German singer Nico — in tribute to Fisher, who would have been 62 this year.

"This is the piano her father gave her and this was one of her favorite songs," Lourd noted. "And as the song says, we must 'keep on moving.' I've found that what keeps me moving is doing things that make me happy, working hard on the things that I'm passionate about and surrounding myself with people I love and making them smile. I hope this encourages anyone feeling a little low or lost to 'keep on moving.'"

Lourd, who starred alongside her mother in the most recent installments of the "Star Wars" saga, said that it was Fisher's own words that helped her find the way to "keep on moving" through this particular day.

"As my Momby once said, 'take your broken heart and turn it into art' — whatever that art may be for you," she wrote at the end of the message.

Last week, Lourd shared a tribute to another fallen star — her mother's best friend, Penny Marshall, who died at the age of 75 on Dec. 17.

Rather than words or a song, she posted a few emoji and simply let a sweet photo of Fisher and Marshall do the talking.

And yet another tribute may be on the way Friday.

Lourd lost both her mother, Carrie Fisher, and grandmother Debbie Reynolds in December 2016.Kevin Mazur / WireImage

Fisher's mother and Lourd's grandmother, stage and screen icon Debbie Reynolds, died just one day after Fisher in 2016.