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Big messes and even bigger hugs: 23 ways having sons will change your life

"You just get used to farts being a part of your life."
/ Source: TODAY

Becoming a parent is a roller-coaster ride filled with highs and lows, and raising sons is an especially wild adventure filled with dirt, bugs... and an array of bodily functions.

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Janie Porter of She Just Glows summed up raising boys with one picture that showcased her quick thinking to keep both of her sons happy: “When your big brother gets his hunting boots in the mail. And your parents have to improvise for yours.”

This month, the TODAY Parenting Team is talking about how life changes when you become a parent. After sharing Janie's picture, we asked members of our TODAY Parents Facebook community to tell us how boys have changed their lives. From finding mud at every turn to always looking at the bright side, these pictures showcase some of the ways having sons changed your life.

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Melissa Evans/Facebook

"They are ALWAYS dirty. I call them my mud magnets because if there is mud, they will find it." — Melissa Evans


Nikki Pennington/Facebook

"Bugs aren't as gross as they once were, getting dirty doesn't faze me and being called a princess by my guys never gets old." — Nikki Pennington


Christine Anderson Skluzacek/Facebook

"You get used to your boys sticking their heads in places they don't belong." — Christine Anderson Skluzacek


Tahlia Soy Love/Facebook

"Having to say things like...'stop farting in your brother's face'...and finding yourself engaged in a game of 'is it poop or is it chocolate' can really desensitize you." — Tahlia Soy Love


Maureen Cooney Stiles/Facebook

"Nothing in the house is safe." — Maureen Cooney Stiles


Myra Kopasz/Facebook

"I am pretty sure the bathroom will forever smell of urine (they have not yet mastered their aiming skills.)" — Myra Kopasz


Dorie Pratt/Facebook

"He's taught me that anything can happen if you set your mind to it!" — Dorie Pratt


Leeann Hunter/Facebook

"Bugs, dirt, stains, messy hair, stinky feet, and more love than I could have ever imagined!" — Leeann Hunter


Elaina Johnson Barbaree/Facebook

"You just get used to farts being a part of your life." — Elaina Johnson Barbaree


Marianne Connors/Facebook

"Having boys means learning to accept that your house will always be messy and if there is mud and/or puddles, they will find them." — Marianne Connors


Taylor Hall/Facebook

"Dirt, mud puddles, animals of all kinds. Monster trucks, tractors, Hot Wheels EVERYWHERE. Not too glamorous, but so much fun. — Taylor Hall


Melissa Simmons/Facebook

"Having a boy means dealing with all the lizards, frogs, and turtles, etc. that get 'rescued.'" — Melissa Simmons


Jasmine Acosta/Facebook

"I never knew I could love two little farting machines so much!" — Jasmine Acosta


Kara Little/Facebook

"Oh the craziness of boys!" — Kara Little


Morgan Zambrano/Facebook

"Having boys is having your own little superheroes!" — Morgan Zambrano


Sammi Jo/Facebook

"There will be mud." — Sammi Jo


Elizabeth Moore/Facebook

"Pants are always optional. And by optional, I mean discarded at the earliest and every opportunity." — Elizabeth Moore


Lindy Vitatoe Mathes/Facebook

"I never thought I would have to tell someone not to eat their toenails." — Lindy Vitatoe Mathes


Devin Zimmer/Facebook

"Having 3 boys means pee. Everywhere. On things, in things, around things. Talking about it. Looking at it. Laughing about it. Playing in it. Pee." — Devin Zimmer


Kristen Harper/Facebook

"Being a mom to a little boy... I mean super hero... is definitely never boring." — Kristen Harper


Jana Law/Facebook

"Having boys means awkwardly shouting 'don't touch your penis.'" — Jana Law


Clare Hoerl/Facebook

"There is only room for one queen in the castle!...I never in my wildest dreams expected that my heart could hold so much love. I just wish my fridge could hold enough food!" — Clare Hoerl


Jill Fleury DeVoe/Facebook

"No one tells you they will wrap their heads in toilet paper, bring in blankets and pillows, and create "the kingdom of poopshire" in your hall bathroom." — Jill Fleury DeVoe

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