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Forget sky-high heels! This time Beyonce is carrying Blue in...

GV Cruz/Getty Images / Today
Beyonce Skips Shoes While Boarding Plane With Blue Ivy

A few weeks ago, Beyonce was photographed boarding a boat with daughter Blue Ivy wearing towering stilettos, which didn't exactly look comfortable, much less safe.

Maybe she learned her lesson, because now Bey’s traveling in comfort. According to ONTD, she was photographed boarding a jet with Blue in Puerto Rico wearing sweatpants, a baggy T-shirt—and no shoes at all.

We kind of love Sasha Fierce's "Go Big or Go Home" attitude toward footwear, but one day we'd just really like to see her in a pair of Old Navy flip flops—like the rest of us.


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A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.