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Beyoncé shares more amazing pregnancy photos: 'I have 3 hearts'

We've had a day for the big news to sink in: Beyonce is pregnant — with twins! Now there's something else to get excited about.
/ Source: TODAY

We've had a day for the big news to sink in: Beyoncé is pregnant!

And to absorb the other big news: She's not just having a baby — she's having two!

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Now there's something else to get excited about. Hot off the heels of her first baby-bump photo, Beyoncé is celebrating her pregnancy with several more shots.

The singer shared a series of beautiful photos on her website, and they're enough to melt your heart — or in her case, all three of them.

"I have three hearts," she captioned the images.

With twins on the way, these extra-special photos seem especially apt.

And if the images look classical, somehow truly picture-perfect, that's no accident. The poses and scenes evoke the image of Venus — similar to the famous Botticelli painting, "Birth of Venus" — as do several lines of verse she shared on her site.

Beyonce's pregnancy announcement with twins, possibly inspired by Botticelli's "Birth of Venus."Boticelli via Uffizi Museum; Bey

"Venus has flooded me, second planet from the sun," she wrote in one example. "I wake up on her foamy shore."

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Another reads, "Venus falls in love, flowers grow wherever love touches her, this is how she is reborn."

But Venus isn't alone in these shots. In addition to the babies-on-board, Beyoncé is joined by her and Jay Z's 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

The soon-to-be big sister looks just as lovely as mom.

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