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Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy, 8, make rare, on-camera appearance together

Three generations of Knowles women got together to tell one corny joke.
/ Source: TODAY

Over the weekend, the world got to watch Beyoncé tell a corny joke — to the utter embarrassment of her oldest daughter, Blue Ivy, 8.

The mother-daughter duo made a rare appearance together for Los Angeles-based WACO Theater Center, of which Beyoncé is an honorary chairperson. The pop star's mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, also joined in the fun, helping her daughter deliver the cheesy witticism.

WACO Theater Center shared a video of the silly interaction between three-generations of Knowles women on Instagram Saturday with the caption, "My mama was a savage, I got this ish from Tina."

In the short clip, Beyoncé tells a joke about Snoop Dogg while Blue Ivy, who's standing next to her mom with her face off-camera, tries to silence her.

"Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?" asks Bey, as Blue Ivy protests her mom's attempt at comedy. "For drizzle," the singer says, delivering the punchline in her best Snoop voice. Bey starts to laugh as Blue Ivy puts her hand over her mom's mouth.

“Mom, the voice. No!” Blue exclaims.

Next, it's Knowles-Lawson's turn to chime in. “Hi, Bey!" she says. "I really appreciate you doing the jokes because I know how busy you are, but will you just put on some makeup and get some good light and stuff?" she jokes to her daughter.

The singer's fans loved the divergence from her usually formal social media persona.

"Come on!!! This was amazing!!" wrote one Instagram user.

"Iconic 😂" added another.

In 2018, Beyoncé shared some red carpet photos on Instagram from an event hosted by WACO Theater Center, which featured Blue and her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

The following year, Beyoncé and Blue donned matching, "Lion King"-themed outfits for the same event. The Grammy winner wore a cold catsuit with a lion's face on it, and Blue sported a billowing yellow dress and matching headpiece.