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Bethany Hamilton opens up about how she makes 'mom life' work with one arm

The pro surfer, whose life story inspired the movie "Soul Surfer," lost her arm in a horrific shark attack.
/ Source: TODAY

Bethany Hamilton is sharing how she meets the daily challenges of motherhood with only one arm.

The pro surfer, whose life story inspired the movie "Soul Surfer," lost her arm in a horrific shark attack when she was only 13. Hamilton and her husband, Adam Dirks, are now the parents of three boys: Tobias, 5, Wesley, 3, and Micah, who was born Feb. 14.

"A little bit about Mom life with one arm. Well I’m raising our third son, so the tricks and adaptations are getting better with each child," Hamilton, 31, wrote Wednesday in the caption of an Instagram photo showing her holding baby Micah.

"When they are this young and have the wobbly head and need constant attention, nursing, diaper changes, tummy soothing, lots of sleep and of course smiles, kisses and more," wrote the athlete. "I use my feet to help with diaper changing, lots of pillows with nursing, a baby carrier all throughout the day and tricky styles of holding to keep baby’s head up.

"Sometimes it can get frustrating but I just gotta keep moving forward, have lil breaks and keep it positive!" she continued. "Plus I remember I’ve done it before. And as a family we make it work!"

Bethany Hamilton
Hamilton welcomed her third child on Valentine's Day.Matt Dunbar / WSL via Getty Images

Hamilton went on to say that she and Dirks have been delighted by their newest addition to their family.

"Loving our lil Micah and looking forward to more life with him!" she gushed before saluting all the "mommas out there grinding, loving and doing your best!"

Earlier this month, Hamilton shared another Instagram pic showing her with Micah in her lap. In her candid caption, she opened up about the difficulties — and the joys — of being a mom.

"Mom life. Not always smiles. The balance. The ups and downs. The most beautiful gift but also so incredibly challenging ... Sleep deprivation. They cry. They stretch us mentally and emotionally. I cry," she wrote.

"But then they smile and coo and nurse sweetly," she added. "Thankful for this life and the beauty of motherhood. Thankful for my family, friends, my husband and boys. Grateful to God to have this beautiful challenge and joy."

Dirks, a Christian youth minister, announced Micah's arrival in February in a sweet video on Hamilton's website.

"Hey, so big news. Baby came last night on Valentine's Day. His name is Micah. I know you guys are probably really wanting to see Bethany and little baby ... but yeah, they're resting, sleeping," he said.

The proud dad went on to call the birthing process "the miracle of life that God has given," and gushed that Micah was the "perfect Valentine’s present."

"We're just humbled and we're thankful that we get another opportunity to raise our son in his faith," said Dirks. "Hopefully, we can be good examples and love on him."