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By Donna Freydkin and Sara Nachlis

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Finding the best lunchbox is almost as challenging as packing the perfect lunch.

The design of the lunchbox has to be appealing to young foodies, as does the food it contains. It can't leak. It can't squash delicate fruits. And, for kids who detest it when lunch contents touch each other (guilty!), compartmentalization is a must.

A great lunchbox will keep the warm items warm, the cold items cold, the chips uncrushed, the foods separated — and still look amazing.

With another school year right around the corner, we've rounded up lunchboxes that your child will be excited to carry around the lunchroom. (And if you haven't gotten them a backpack, first-day outfit or school supplies, TODAY Parents has you covered.)

The 10 best kids lunchboxes

1. The basic insulated lunchbox

This lunchbox comes in a slew of styles and colors, it's sturdy and the insulated fabrickeeps food cold.

2. The vacuum-sealed thermos

This handy lunch container keeps your soups warm and your oatmeal toasty.

3. The "virtually indestructible" bento box

You can give your kid an assortment of foods to choose from, the lunchbox keeps food separated and it absolutely doesn't leak.

4. The bestseller

Right now this is Amazon's bestselling kids' lunchbox. It includes so many compartments, which means so many options for lunch!

5. The adorable unicorn lunchbox

Practical and fun? You got it! This insulated lunchbox packs a bunch of pockets, but it looks like an adorable mythical creature.

6. The practical and cute pick

With this bag, lunch cleanup is a breeze, too.

7. The glittery lunchbox

This lunchbox is so whimsical and fun, it'll make your little one look forward to lunch.

8. The lunchbox with over 1,000 reviews

We love this no-frills lunch container because it also fits a water bottle.

9. The rugged lunch sack

This one is sturdy, durable and comes in a variety of prints for any lunching tastes.

10. The personalized lunch bag

What's even more special than a gourmet lunch? A bag with your name on it to carry it in.

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