The best parenting viral music videos... and why we love them

Parenting parody videos of rapping ‘rents, cruising in their minis (vans, that is), have been done, done and done. And yet, these YouTube sensations never get old for some of us.

As parents, we know that our mommymobiles with the crushed-up Goldfish crackers in the backseat aren’t the hottest ride in town. We accept that we traded the club scene for the soccer club scene. But while we may have given up some of the hip, carefree aspects of our childfree days, there’s one thing we’ve kept – our sense of humor, which is why we love these parody videos. There’s something about seeing your own life of diapers, carpools and trips to big box stores played out to mocking music that’s just so relatable, comforting and hilarious. The comedic geniuses behind these videos are funny and they get us. They are us.

“I’m a Daddy and I Know It.” This was a late addition to the 2012 line-up. Not uploaded until Christmas Eve, it’s just now going viral. Sasha Brown-Worsham at The Stir has started up something of an informal fan club for the father of five little ones who stars in this video. At this stage in the LMFAO parody game, you have to really work to set yourself apart from the crowd and this guy does it. This daddy to two (slightly) older boys plus a set of triplets has his work cut out for him between the poopy diapers, time-outs and trips to Costco. He has not only kept his sense of humor intact but this video proves that he can still shake it (which probably helps explain how the five kids came about…).

“Running Errands with My Mom.”For most tweens and teens, the thought of running errands with mom is sure to invoke dread. Few things are less fun for kids than trips to the bank, or worse, their mom’s hair salon. However, this mockuvideo from the Cartoon Network takes an afternoon of dullness and makes it almost hip. The thought of a tween boy turning down the opportunity to hang out with his buddies so he can hang with his mom is, sadly, a little heart-warming. His faux appreciation of her mad, careful parking skills (in between the lines, oh yeah!) and willingness to hang out while she gets her highlights done make you love the kid, even though he’s pretty much making fun of you.

“The Motherhood feat. Fiat 500L.” This hilarious online commercial for Fiats shows that moms in the U.K. are right there with us. Wearing a momiform of Uggs and skinny jeans (alternated with pajamas), this gal raps about life as a mom with gems like, “At least now I know the difference between a tractor and a digger,” and “I express, like the best, from these holes in my chest.” For those of us who once had pristine houses and now find ourselves living amongst sticky surfaces, we can laugh while we cry and know we’re in good company.

“Daddy Skills.”This one’s for all the guys with mad skills – mad daddy skills, that is. In the blink of an eye, he went from playing beach football and drinking beer to waxing poetic about the great day when he got to sleep in until 7:08 a.m. You’ve got to give props to a dad who can rap about cutting grapes and blueberries to prevent a toddler from choking. Besides, we all know that only a dad with skills can clean a deuce with only two wipes.

“The Parent Rap.” Don’t make me count to 1-2-3 before you check out this rhyming ode to the parents. This is for any mom who knows that her PB&J’s will set your world on fire. For any dad who’s traded in his sports car for an old sedan, this one’s for you. You know you’re a good parent. You know you’re a “Mom, Mom, she’s the bomb!” or a dad who’s a stone-cold Candy Land playa.

“I’m Pregnant and I Know It.” Another standout in the LMFAO category is the woman who’s pregnant. And she knows it.It’s OK. You can look at her belly. She rapped that she’s down with that. While she may sing about waddling and pigging out, this mama-to-be still has some moves. Kudos to her for making us think back fondly on Braxton Hicks and morning sickness – it almost looks fun. Almost.

Dana Macario is a Seattle-area mom who’s found motherhood to be much messier and much funnier than she expected.