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10 best nursing bras of 2019

Nursing bras that will help you feed your baby AND feel somewhat attractive at the same time.
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Let’s be honest: Most nursing bras are all about utility, not style. Our cute bras get exiled to the back of the drawer while we’re fulfilling the role of Dairy Queen. And it’s all totally worth it, of course!

But … what if you want to breastfeed AND wear a cute, pretty, even (gasp!) sexy bra? That shouldn’t be too much to ask. Moms are people too! So here are some of the top-selling and top-reviewed nursing bras that also happen to be super-cute.

Note that if you’re investing in a more expensive bra, we recommend waiting a few weeks until your milk supply stabilizes so you have a better sense of your size. If you’re ordering while pregnant, order up a cup size (yes, it may be hard for first-time mothers to believe, but they WILL get even bigger).

This lace-y bra is a must for date night, but also is a great T-shirt bra. Sounds like a win-win to us!

“If you are looking for something that makes you feel like you are wearing a normal bra instead of the normal grandma-feeling, no-form nursing bras ... It is a great bra,” wrote one Amazon reviewer who is a size 38D.

The best part about this bra is that it has six rows of hooks and eyes, so you can use both through your pregnancy and after.

“I love this nursing bra! I have tried many over the four plus years I have been nursing and this is one of my favorites. I have a hard time spending money on myself but as a breastfeeding mom you deserve a few good quality bras. This one is worth every penny. So pretty and comfortable at the same time,” wrote one mom, a size 34G.

This bra comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It includes an extender allowing for extra comfort throughout the pregnancy. There's also a bra strap clip to instantly transform it to work with any top.

“I was kinda skeptical but they fit like a sports bra and all I have to do is pull the fabric aside to pump,” an Amazon review, size 34B, said.

Whether you're nursing or pumping, this is the bra you've been looking for. You can even pump on one side and nurse on the other for the ultimate convenience. Plus, this bra also works under your favorite T-shirt.

“It's nice to have a piece of lingerie that you can wear that isn't nude-colored and made of pure Lycra for date night or whenever you want to feel sexy and less like ‘mommy moo cow’,” wrote one Amazon reviewer who GETS IT (and who wears an extra-large/size 5 in this bra).

Not only is this bra pretty (look at those lace and bow details), but it's also functional. It could take you from date night to nursing. We particularly love this berry rose color that comes in for a pop of color.

“This is my prettiest bra, and that statement doesn't just apply to nursing bras. I love the look of it. I like the shaping and the lift,” said one Amazon reviewer, a size 40F.

Thanks to the underwire design this bra gives the utmost support. The lace and scalloped trim add a sophisticated touch. It comes in both cream and black.

“If you want something sexy that will help you get back to feeling like your old self while you manage huge milk boobs — this is the perfect bra. Totally worth every penny!!” enthused one mom on Amazon, a size 38E.

Yes, this bra comes in neutral colors like black and beige, but we can't resist this beautiful pink color. The pop of pink combined with the lace details and bow make this bra so cute that we bet you won't want stop wearing once you're done nursing.

“Cute and feminine nursing bra that makes me feel human,” one mom, a size 38C, wrote on Amazon.

Yes, we love a good pattern and who doesn't like a little lace? This bra has it all. The underwire cups and adjustable straps will give you support without sacrificing comfort.

“I like how this nursing bra makes you feel like you're wearing your before-nursing bra,” wrote one mom, a size 44DDD.

This bra is definitely a splurge, but we can't exactly say no to this gorgeous fuchsia color. Also, look out for the matching underwear!

“This is by far the most comfortable nursing bra I have purchased,” wrote one mom, size 36G, on Amazon.

Light support makes this a good sleeping bra, but with a pretty color and snug fit for sweet dreams.

“I really love this bra,” wrote one fan on Amazon, a size small in this bra.

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