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/ Source: TODAY
By Tracy Saelinger

New jackets, water bottles, school supplies — how do you keep your kid’s stuff out of the lost and found this year? With some genius labeling hacks, of course.

At last, I feel like I have my labeling system down: Each September, I buy a pack of dishwasher-safe labels for lunch containers and water bottles and a pack of washer/dryer-safe labels for jackets, hats, gloves, shoes, backpacks and sports equipment.

I love self-laminating labels. Here are the dishwasher-safe ones that work like a charm:

Lil’ Labels Write-on, Self-Laminating Labels, $9, Amazon

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It’s simple: You lift the clear top flap, and write your student’s name on the lower paper part. Then, peel off the backing and press to seal. Voila, a waterproof label!

Dishwasher safe labels
These self-laminating labels went through the dishwasher countless times, and stayed on.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

From there, stick the label on lunch boxes, drink containers, you name it — and it can go through the dishwasher for months. Last year, the labels lasted me an entire school year without falling off.

For washer/dryer-safe labeling, I love these no-iron labels:

Avery No-Iron Kids Clothing Labels, $9, Amazon

Avery No-Iron Kids Clothing Labels

These are even simpler: Write on the labels with a permanent marker and then apply the labels to fabric. Without ironing, the labels can still go through the washer/dryer.

And, they stay on. I have sweatshirts my kids have worn for two years, with the same labels on, after countless washes.

Plus, this pack includes a variety of sizes, from 3.5 inches long to tiny, 1-inch ones that can fit inside sneakers or mittens.

No-iron labels for clothes
Likewise, these no-iron clothing labels went through dozens of washes and didn't go anywhere.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

I try to label everything before school starts, of course, but I also keep the extras handy in a kitchen drawer to label any new items that come up through the year.

The best part: Each pack is under 10 bucks — less than the cost of a single lost item. And if a labeled item is lost at school, I’ve found it usually makes its way back to you.