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The best Halloween masks for kids 2020

Looking for masks that can do double duty as a costume AND protection? These masks are so cute it's spooky.

It’s a Halloween like no other; a great time to incorporate masks into creative costume for kids. Maintain social distancing guidelines while wearing these face coverings; and parents, don’t forget yours as well.

You can pick a mask to become the basis for a Halloween costume, or find a costume that comes with a mask. Some costume masks are sturdy enough to held prevent the spread of COVID-19, while others will require extra protection.

"For costumes that have a mask or headdress that covers the entire head and face, a cotton mask may not be necessary. If the costume mask or headdress is only a thin veil, a cotton mask underneath would be appropriate," says pediatrician Dr. Jarrett Patton. "However, if the costume headdress is more elaborate, there isn't a need for additional face coverings."

If you're doubling up on masks, make sure that you (or your little one) can breathe freely, experts advise: Of course, if you have to choose one mask, go with the one that provides some protection from COVID-19.

Best Halloween masks for kids

1. Dragon

Lovelane Designs Green Dragon Face Mask

In this time of COVID-19, use your face mask as the centerpiece to your costume. Made with non-toxic, water-based inks, this green dragon mask can be adorned with dragon wings and a cap (sold separately); the brand also sells kitty and panda-themed masks with coordinating accessories.

2. Pimm The Puppy

Cubcoats Mask Buddies (Pack of 3)

This cute puppy mask is part of the brand’s Mask Buddies collection which includes three animal masks, all made of 100 percent cotton. Each mask covers the mouth and nose and can also be worn as a wristlet or a hair tie. Recommended for ages 4 and up, these masks are reusable, washable, and come with a matching hoodie which can be incorporated into the costume.

3. Gator

Primal Wear Youth Gator Mask

See ya later, alligator. Match this alligator mask with a green and black outfit to create a simple but creative youth costume. This mask is made of 100% polyester fabric and includes a filter pocket. A portion of the mask sales will go to non-profits in the fight against COVID-19.

4. Kids Panda Bear

Halloween Costumes Kids Panda Bear Costume

This huggable panda bear kids costume comes with a head covering that can slightly limit vision — so be extra careful when wearing. (There’s also an adult version on the site if parents want to get in on the fun.) The foam-backed headpiece has mesh-covered eye openings and breathable fabric over the mouth area.

5. Black Panther

Black Panther Light-Up Costume for Kids

Young Marvel fans wanting to pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman can honor his memory and pay homage to Black Panther with this padded, light-up jumpsuit with mask. This mask may cover the child’s full face, but wearing one isn’t for every kid, so test it out first.

6. Sugar Skull

Martex Health Sugar Skull Mask

WestPoint Home just released Halloween themed masks that could be worn with a coordinated outfit for an easy costume. Teenagers may be interested in a Sugar Skull mask costume, honoring Día de los Muertos, a Mexican celebration honoring the dead. (Also available: cat, tiger, ghosts and more.) These masks are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester: with 100% polypropylene lining. Remember, these Halloween-decorated masks, do not replace medically recommended masks, so consider layering up when wearing a costume mask.

7. Astronaut

Spooktacular Creations NASA Astronaut Costume

When is space ever NOT cool? You can’t go wrong with an astronaut costume for Halloween; and with a helmet included (that’s the best part!) your kid can celebrate with their whole head covered. (But remind your kiddo to wear a regular mask under the helmet.)

8. Ninja

Spooktacular Creations Ninja Deluxe Costume

Another popular Halloween costume choice for kids is the elusive ninja! This particular costume comes with a mask, but remind your kiddo to wear a cotton one when enjoying (COVID-safe!) activities. (A black one of your own can easily be incorporated into the Ninja costume.) The jumpsuit comes with a belt, throwing stars, daggers (all fake, don’t worry!) and more, and is made of 100% polyester.

9. Fortnite Tomato Head


Karen Heffren /

Costumes you can purchase from a shop online are wonderful and easy. But Arizona mom blogger Karen Heffren has a magical power: she can whip up some clever and creative costumes. Tomatohead is not only one-of-a-kind, but clever. Check out Karen’s tutorial here and learn how to make one with your kid.

If your game-obsessed kids want to dress as other Fortnite characters, Karen also posted Pinterest tutorials for Dark Voyager and Doggo, which also have masks.

10. Doctor

Melissa&Doug Doctor Costume Set

This is definitely the year of the doctor; so let’s keep honoring our healthcare professionals with a kid’s doctor costume. With this complete set, brought to you by industry powerhouse Melissa&Doug, your junior doctor will be fully equipped to help others with a medical jacket, face mask, stethoscope with sound effects, a reflex hammer, and more! Medical experts strongly recommended COVID-19 masks for kids ages 3+. The costume mask is just for show, so you can replace it or pair it with a real one.

11. Veterinarian

Melissa&Doug Veterinarian Costume Set

Another role play costume for kids honoring the medical field is Melissa&Doug’s veterinarian outfit. The costume kit comes with a blue medical jacket, pretend mask, surgical cap, pretend puppy patient, and more. Just like the doctor costume, remind kids the mask is just for show and should be worn over a cotton mask when celebrating during the pandemic.

12. Purple Monster

Monday’s Child Purple Monster Mask and Pants

This simple, comfortable costume is great for a little one; it’s a purple cartoony monster mask with matching pants. Match it with a purple fang shirt of your own or a black top to complete. Again, kids 2+ are advised to wear a regular cotton mask with their costume; ones with Halloween costumes are non-medical and just for show. Made of polyester and spandex.

13. Superhero cape

Meri Meri Superhero Cape Costume

Your little one’s imagination will run wild with this adorable superhero cape dress up kit. Recommended for kids 3-6, this costume collection comes with a pink tulle cape, leatherette mask and wrist cuffs, all adorned with glitter and stars. Just add a mask of your own that covers the mouth and nose, and your kid’s ready for a sparkly Halloween.

14. Aladdin’s Genie

Aladdin's Genie Inflatable Costume

Inflatable costumes are all the rage lately because they’re so creative and fun. Most do cover the whole face, but it’s always best to wear an additional protective face covering during these times.The inflatable jumpsuit and mask combo includes a battery pack that clips to your pants and powers a fan to inflate the costume; a zipper closure and gathering at neck, wrists, and legs help keep air inside.

15. Forky

Toy Story Forky Costume

A character from "Toy Story 4," this Forky costume set comes with a white jumpsuit, a red arm wrap, and matching gloves. It’s all made of soft, fuzzy material to keep your kid warm as they head outside for some socially distanced activities. The face mask — with Forky’s trademark googly eyes — and woodgrain-printed shoe covers complete the outfit. The mask comes with a mesh panel at the eye for visibility. Great costume to coordinate with other Toy Story-themed costumes.

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