Double your fun! 12 best Halloween costumes for twins

Halloween Costumes for Twins
Halloween Costumes for TwinsThese Four No More / Today

Halloween is twice as fun when you're dressing twins. So, what costumes will double your pleasure this season? Here are 12 ideas that are cute, current or just plain cool. For more ideas, see what costumes other moms of twins are considering. 

Despicably Adorable

If your twins are obsessed with Despicable Me, dress them up as Minions. This is actually an easy costume to DIY—you just need a yellow hooded sweatshirt, overalls and goggles. Add funny faux hair with black yarn and a glue gun and yellow face paint, if you like. Or, if it would take you your own team of minions to make your costumes, you can find plenty packaged versions at stores like Party City for around $20 each. For a splurge, this handmade crocheted baby version is pretty awesome, too. Oh, and Dad? He’s totally Gru.

Two Peas in a Pod

This costume for infant twins is a classic for a reason: It’s beyond cute. Crafty moms can put this coo-worthy look together using green jammies or sleepers and pom-poms, while the rest of us can choose from plenty of store-bought options. This one, available on Amazon, would be as warm and snuggly as it would be adorbs. Just be prepared to be showered with treats when folks see your tiny veggie visions.

Olympic Champs

Boy/girl twins will make a serious splash when they trick-or-treat in Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin costumes. Just find swim caps and track suits (add "USA" lettering to the front and/or back), mini American flags to wave and floral bouquets to hold and create a gaggle of gold medals to hang from their necks. Who's No. 1?

Royal Treatment

Little girls love their princesses, and twin sisters would look bloody brilliant dressed as Duchess Katherine and her glamorous sister Pippa. Extra points for saying "trick-or-treat" in a British accent.

Trick or Tweet

Angry Birds is still making little kids happy, and when one twin is dressed as a bird and one as a pig, well, that's going to make grown-ups smile, too.


Halloween is in the thick of football season, so turn twins into rival players, matching footballs (we love this DIY idea from Lines Across) or cheerleaders. Go team! Get candy!

Great Debate

Political season offers all sorts of twin costume possibilities. Obama and Romney (dress the little guys in suits with political buttons) or Michelle and Ann (carrying signs). Or—perfect for you independents out there —an elephant and a donkey. Carry signs that say "Vote for candy!" and win the costume contest in a landslide victory.

Salt'n'Pepper's Here

Moms who loved the '80s rap duo will get a little extra kick out of these flavorful salt and pepper costumes from The Wishing Elephant. One twin wears a white onesie with an S, the other wears a black onesie with a P and both wear cute little caps. Yummy! 

Yabba Dabba Doo

Meet the Flintstones! Your girl/boy twins will rock Bedrock and beyond with these super adorable handmade Fred and Wilma costumes—nothing stoneage about them.

Sweet Sheep

Dress your little lambs like, well, little lambs like these from These Four No More for baa-u-tiful costumes this year. And, if there's a big sis in the house, she can go as Mary or Little Bo Peep. Everywhere they go, the candy's sure to follow. 

They Go Together

Winning twin Halloween looks often combine two things that go great together, and, really, what's a better duo than ketchup and french fries? We can't get enough of these cute condiment costumes from The Costume Cafe. Who's bringing the burgers and shakes? 

Honest Abe

Older twins can get away with something a bit more edgy, and we highly recommend taking on this year's spooky Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. One twin dresses as the 16th president, while the other goes all vamp. Happy Halloween hunting!

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