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/ Source: TODAY
By Lexi Dwyer

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Nothing changes your vacation-planning priorities like becoming a parent. Remember the (pre-kid) days of yore, when you could plan a trip around pursuits like strong cocktails, shipwreck dives or music festivals, and pretty much any clean, affordable hotel would do? How the times have changed.

Now you find yourself Googling "inexpensive kid-friendly destinations," mapping out driving times to the minute and scrutinizing hotel photos, trying to figure out if a room might have space for your travel crib, or if the breakfast room looks a little too fancy for your energetic, early-rising preschooler. With teenagers you have another dilemma: Coming up with a family vacation spot compelling enough to lure them away from whatever's happening on Instagram.

To ease your worries, we've mapped out the best family vacation ideas for kids of all ages: Whether you're looking to museum hop, hike in a national park or plant yourselves at a kid-friendly beach resort, our family travel guide has you covered.