Dads of New York: Our favorite fatherhood moments from HONY

Father's Day is just around the corner, and since we're already scrolling through our Facebook timelines looking for adorable #TBT moments with Dad, we thought we'd take some time to compile our very favorite father-centric Humans of New York posts.

For the uninitiated, HONY is a website, Facebook page and growing social movement started by Brandon Stanton in the summer of 2010. Stanton has photographed tens of thousands of New Yorkers and simultaneously collected quotes from each of them, which are included along with each person's portrait. Now, with more than 8 million followers on social media, his photos captivate an enormous audience on a daily basis.

We're certainly fans, and the photos below — each of which includes a short story from the dad in question, whether hard-hitting or heartfelt — remind us that fatherhood, like photography, is an art and a gift.