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'Bachelorette' star Ali Fedotowsky gets real about the downsides of pregnancy

The "Bachelorette" star opened up about pregnancy's physical and mental toll in a candid blog post.
/ Source: TODAY

Ali Fedotowsky is one mom-to-be who is being honest about how tough pregnancy is for some women.

The former "Bachelorette" star, 31, opened up about the toll pregnancy has taken on her mind and her body in an "extremely personal" blog post this week.

"I would love to say that the past 37 weeks have flown by and it's all been easy peasy, but then I'd be a big fat liar. Ha! The truth is, it hasn't been easy," wrote Fedotowsky, who revealed on Instagram that she expects the baby any day now, and that her pain and contractions have been intense.

The reality star, who first rose to fame as a contestant on "The Bachelor," wrote that she enjoyed a few "blissful months" in her second trimester, but since then things have been rocky.

Kevin Manno and Ali FedotowskyBrian Ach / Getti Images

"I have found that my pregnancy has gone beyond just a physical toll on my body and it's starting to take an emotional toll," wrote the star.

Fedotowsky said she's been leaning on her fiancé, television host Kevin Manno, 32, for support.

"The other day while trying to relax in our pool, I broke down to Kevin about how I've been feeling. I just sat there, cried my eyes out, and poured my heart out to him while floating like a beached whale on a floaty," she wrote.

"I just want my body back," the star wrote in frustration. "I want to have a drink at the end of a stressful day. I want to be able to tie my own shoes. I want to sleep on my stomach. I want to go to yoga. I want to walk my dog around the block without being in terrible pain. I want to eat runny eggs for breakfast."

"I want to not be in pain," wrote Fedotowsky. " I want to feel like myself again."

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Fedotowsky said she hesitated to reveal her feelings — and was tempted to delete her blog post after she'd finished writing it — because she knew she was lucky to become pregnant in the first place.

But, Fedotowsky said, she also knew other moms-to-be struggle during pregnancy, too — particularly those stricken, like her, with uterine irritability.

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"Even as I type them out all I can do is think to myself, 'You shouldn't be complaining. You should thank your lucky stars to be in this position,'" she wrote.

"Well, I do thank my lucky stars and I am super grateful, but that doesn't discredit the aches and pains I am feeling."