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'Bachelor' parody totally nails the search for a perfect babysitter

Who needs a 5-carat diamond ring when there's a minivan up for grabs?!
/ Source: TODAY

Who needs a 5-carat diamond ring when there's a minivan up for grabs?!

If you haven't yet seen the latest spin-off of ABC's "The Bachelor," get your sippy cup, your closest girlfriends and get ready for an emotional roller coaster that's way too close to our hearts.

The spot-on parody that was posted Wednesday by What's Up Moms? already has nearly four million views.

In "The Babysitter," 11 hopeful babysitters are vying to for the affection of Brooke — a mother of two from Los Angeles looking for a caretaker who won't cut any corners.

"It's crazy to think that one of these incredible girls is going to be babysitting my kids," Brooke says as the women pull up to the home one-by-one in their minivans. The parody manages to capture perfectly both the over-the-top emotions of "The Bachelor" and the desperation of a babysitter search.

Almost immediately after arriving, the girls were whisked away for the first group date... to... the park.

A toast! To backyard play dates and poopy diapers. What's Up Moms?

But just like any other group date, there were hurt feelings and interrupted one-on-one time.

"I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make 15 dollars an hour," Leslie, a 23-year-old former pageant winner from Sarasota, FL explained.

And within minutes ... the claws came OUT!

Harsh, Vanessa. Harsh. What's Up Moms?

"Excuse me, are you babysitting or going to the club?!" Harsh, Vanessa. Harsh.

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But hey, sippy cups are at stake here, people. And the keys to Brooke's minivan.

It isn't a successful episode of "The Bachelor" without a good backseat cry. What's Up Moms?

In a dramatic twist, Brooke finds out mid-sippy cup ceremony that one of the babysitters had to cancel last-minute. The struggle is so real.

"I'm just so scared that I'm going to go through this whole process and end up alone... with my kids," she says, fighting through tears.

So, will anyone be left standing to accept the keys to Brooke's minivan? We would totally watch this (made-up) show to find out.

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