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'Bachelor' Arie Luyendyk Jr. reveals his wife, Lauren, had a miscarriage

“It’s something that you can never really prepare for.”
Lauren and Arie/ Youtube
/ Source: TODAY

Former "Bachelor" star Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his wife, Lauren, revealed in an emotional YouTube video over the weekend that she recently had a miscarriage.

“A little over a month ago, we got the most exciting news and we found out that we were pregnant with our second baby. We made so many plans,” they wrote in the caption. “We were planning to share our journey through pregnancy with you, but unfortunately we didn't get the happy story we had hoped for.”

In the video, the couple explains that Arie encouraged Lauren to get a pregnancy test. She decided she would prank her husband by showing him a fake, positive pregnancy test, but then she realized she was actually expecting.

The couple, who welcomed a daughter, Alessi, last May, was surprised and excited about a second baby. But things took a heartbreaking turn when complications arose during the first few weeks of Lauren’s pregnancy.

“I went to the doctor two weeks ago and I was measuring at five weeks and two days, when I should have been around seven weeks,” Lauren said in a video update after an appointment.

After a series of stressful doctor visits, the couple learned that Lauren had suffered a missed miscarriage, also known as a silent miscarriage, which occurs when the body does not detect that the fetus is no longer alive, and continues to experience symptoms of pregnancy.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, going from scared at first a little bit because it was so soon, then happy, then just stressed and worried for weeks on end, and then obviously today was the bad news,” Arie said in the video. “It’s something that you can never really prepare for.

“It’s consumed our thoughts for the last months,” he added. “It’s been hard holding this back from everybody because we feel like we’re on here all the time, talking about our day, talking about our lives.”

He and Lauren said they wanted to open up about their story to help others going through something similar.

“We filmed our journey, and although it doesn’t have the happiest outcome, I feel like there’s people at home that go through this every day, someone has this happen to them,” he said. “I feel like it’s important for us to document this and show you that you’re not alone.”