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'Bachelor' alum Michelle Money says daughter is heading in 'right direction' after brain injury

A skateboarding accident left her daughter on life support, but Michelle Money says her teen’s condition is now improving.
/ Source: TODAY

One week after Michelle Money’s daughter suffered a fractured skull and brain trauma in a skateboarding accident, the reality TV star and beauty stylist has a hopeful update for fans who’ve followed her family’s struggle.

Though she's still sedated, the 15-year-old’s condition is improving.

“Brielle is doing well today!” Money wrote in an Instagram post Monday night.

Doctors at Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, have kept a close watch on pressure on the girl’s brain since she underwent a surgery to remove fluid shortly after the accident.

“Her numbers have been averaging around 16 with a few random spikes,” Money continued. “She seems to be heading in the right directions where we will not need to take other measures to keep this pressure down! Thank God! We are waiting to see that number get down into the single digits and stay there for a solid day before taking her off these meds keeping her sedated.”

Money, who’s known to reality TV viewers for her appearances on “The Bachelor,” “Bachelor Pad” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” continued her message, noting that her daughter’s recovery has its own unique timetable.

“In typical Brie fashion, she is doing things her way!” she wrote alongside a set of photos of the teen. “I am honoring that process as best as I can. We all miss her and wish we were goofing off together, but she needs to do what works for her and her body right now. I believe Brielle is healing not only her physical body, but her spirit as well. She has been through so much and experienced a lot of pain that I think she is sorting out right now.”

The past several days have been an emotional roller coaster for Money. While Brielle is showing signs of improvement now, it comes on the heels of difficulties over the weekend.

On Sunday, Money explained that they were “considering other options” due to an increase in brain pressure. But she feels certain she knows what was behind the turnaround.

“Once I posted to my story asking you to pray, her numbers went down lower and have maintained since then,” she wrote at the time.

While her daughter continues to heal, Money urged her followers to use this time for their own healing journeys, and that’s what she plans to do, too.

“A lot of things are going to be changing for me,” she explained in her latest message. “More compassion and forgiveness for others but most importantly, for myself. Mom guilt is so real and so painful. It causes us to make decisions based on fear. It is time to let that sh-- go. It is causing more pain and anxiety than it is helping. I see that clearly. Let’s pray for healing on all levels for all of us.”