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By Rebekah Lowin

Is there anything sweeter than a baby's smile? We asked TODAY Parents Facebook readers to share photos of their baby's first smile. Whether it was the first time they caught it on camera, or the actual first time their little one's face ever lit up in wonder, it's no surprise we got some amazing shots. Here, 17 cuties that made us, well, smile.

TODAY Parenting Editor Rebecca Dube's baby smiles for the camera.Rebecca Dube

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1. Smiling in utero

Amanda Webster

2. Happy baby

Meghan Gerhardt Wismer

3. Two weeks old

Jennifer Cacciola

4. And six weeks old!

Erica Covington

5. And...just one day old!

Dawn Washelesky

6. Ready for your closeup?

Lindsey Tiwari

7. Smile for the camera

Lexi Banker

8. If you're happy and you know it...

Erika Werner

9. Sweet dreams

Cathleen Bender

10. Sleepy eyes

Katie Supnick

11. It doesn't get cuter than this

Fallon Villamor

12. The classic sheepish smile

Melissa Flynn

13. Is that a smile? We'll take it!

Janae Scherer

14. Entering the world with a smile

Karissa Dixon

15. Happy in the sun

Ashley Lucas

16. Funny face

Vanessa Parsons

17. Snuggled up

Jennifer Meuser Martinez