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Watch baby protect twin sister who doesn't recognize dad without beard

The sweet moment nearly brought their mom to tears.
/ Source: TODAY

A set of 10-month-old identical twins in Ohio experienced some major stranger danger when their dad shaved both his head and his beard.

In a video that is going viral on social media, sisters Lydia and Hadley are seen sitting on a couch staring at their father, Jonathan Normoyle.

“Hi. What are you doing?” Normoyle asks.

That’s when Lydia proceeds to burst into tears. Though Hadley is also crying, she stretches out her arm to protect Lydia from being picked up by the mysterious man in their living room.

Normoyle’s wife, Allyson, who filmed the clip, didn’t notice Hadley’s sweet gesture. But when Allyson watched the footage later, it nearly brought her to tears.

The twins did not recognize their dad after he shaved off his head and beard.
The twins did not recognize their dad after he shaved off his head and beard.ViralHog

“They have such a sweet bond,” Allyson told TODAY Parents. “They’re always giggling with each other. And I’ve noticed that when one is upset, the other looks concerned like they want to help.”

Allyson isn’t the only one who was touched by what Hadley did for Lydia.

“Just look at the one on the right shielding her sis as the stranger approaches, later the one on the left does the same. That was super adorable,” wrote one person on YouTube.

Normoyle is happy to report that his daughters calmed down quickly.

“I held them and they listened to my voice and they realized it was me," he explained. "They were just confused at first.”

Allyson joked that she too felt like crying when she saw her husband’s new look.

“I like him with a beard and hair,” she said. “But it always grows back super quick.”