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This baby trying fried chicken for the 1st time is the best thing you'll see today

Fried chicken is unquestionably one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it’s easy to forget the first time you tasted the crisp, salty skin of a drumstick.

Well, one lucky baby now has some glossy, professional photos to commemorate that momentous occasion!

Traci Lynn Photography
Johnny Garcia chows down on some delicious fried chicken!

Bianca Garza and her husband, Juan Garcia, brought their 8-month-old son, Johnny, to a photo shoot in Mabank, Texas, on April 3 with photographer Traci Lynn Fugitt to capture the baby enjoying some of his favorite things.

The little boy loves to eat, so they decided to surround him with all of his favorite foods. Johnny loves bananas and peanut butter crackers, but his dad thought it would be funny to pick up some fried chicken to include in the photo shoot, too! The results were (as you would expect) adorable.

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It was the first time Johnny had ever tried fried chicken, but he loved it! "When he was trying to eat the chicken he was smacking his lips," Garza told TODAY.

Traci Lynn Photography
Nom nom nom!

The little guy's got some impressive chompers, too. "He's 8 months old, but you'd think he was 3 with all his teeth," said his mom.

Fugitt had just as much fun with the gourmand in the making. "We all laughed and loved every minute of it," she told TODAY.

Traci Lynn Photography
You can't have fried chicken without a little biscuit!

With Johnny's first birthday coming up, the family is looking forward to another food-themed photo shoot. "We're doing a regular cake smash, but I'm hoping he picks up the whole cake," said Garza.

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If his reaction to the fried chicken is any indication, they're in for another cuteness overload!