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By Kavita Varma-White

We love it when a meme give us the full-on giggles. It’s happening with the latest from MommyShorts blogger Ilana Wiles, who has introduced Baby Suiting, a.k.a. #babysuiting.

Yes, it IS what you think. Little babies dressed for the board room. Peanuts in power suits. Baby wolves of Wall Street.

Who are you calling Beetlejuice?Today

Wiles is the one who last year gave us #babymugging, featuring babies in coffee mugs. That meme went so viral that it even became a question on Jeopardy. (Which no contestent got right, by the way. The answer: “What is baby mugging?” ) 

With baby suiting, Wiles even includes a 4-step tutorial on how to do it. Not surprisingly, you start by assembling a button down shirt, suit jacket and tie. Lay it on the floor. Then insert baby.  

The results look like this.

Don't look now. Jane from accounting is coming.Today
This miniature CEO was not on board with polka dots.Today
I'd have a time saying "no" if this baby asked me to work the weekend. Today
This is what we call a "really small business owner".Today
"Dress for success" should be taught as early as possible.Today

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