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Baby 'sings' AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' and it's everything you'd hope it would be

A devoted dad spent a year amassing videos of his son so he could edit him singing the iconic rock anthem.
New Jersey dad Matt MacMillan spent a year capturing clips of his infant son Ryan in order to create the ultimate baby video.
New Jersey dad Matt MacMillan captured dozens of clips of his infant son, Ryan, in order to create the ultimate baby video.YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

You've heard AC/DC sing "Thunderstruck," but have you watched a year's worth of baby videos edited together to cover the song?

A New Jersey dad made the ultimate baby video when he took clips of his infant son over the course of a calendar year and edited them to make him "sing" the iconic rock anthem. The baby boy's sneezes, babbles and laughs make up the song's guitar strumming. The video also features multiple clips of "Baby Ryan" hitting the sofa for the bass drum, sneezing for the cymbals and cooing for the guitar.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 14, the video has amassed nearly 3 million views — a reaction they didn't expect.

"When my daughter Ella was born two years ago, she would sing to herself a lot as a baby," dad Matt MacMillan told TODAY Parents. "I started recording her sounds and got the idea to edit them down to just the notes and create songs from them. It was around Christmas time so I composed ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘Carol of the Bells.’ When Ryan was born a year an a half ago, I wanted to do the same thing, so I started recording him as soon as he started making sounds."

In an explainer video posted on Facebook, MacMillan reveals how he took videos of his son for an entire year. After sorting through the clips, he determined which musical note matched with each sound, then matched each sound with notes from "Thunderstuck."

"It took me about 80 hours to cut them down, determine the pitch of each and compose the song,” he said. "I did this over the span of about 3 months, a few hours here and there."

MacMillan ends his explainer with a simple, "Any requests?"

"I'm not sure what other songs I'll try to create with this but I'd ultimately try to do ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or another song with complex harmonies,” MacMillan said.

Here's our request: We hope to see more of his little rock star very soon!

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