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Baby shower ideas: The 10 best themes for boys and girls

These baby shower themes will please any mom-to-be!
/ Source: TODAY

For expectant moms (and dads, too!), the baby shower is an important event where friends and family can celebrate your impending addition. It's also a chance to socialize with all of the VIPs in your circle prior to your life being taken over by a demanding little person whose main job is to eat, sleep and steal your heart!

Planning your baby shower (or the baby shower of a sibling or friend) doesn't have to be a stressful ordeal. Check out the 10 best baby shower themes we've seen lately and use them as a jumping-off point for adding your own games, decorations and other personalized touches.

Our 10 favorite baby shower theme ideas

  • 1. Carnival Baby Shower

This adorable and totally fun theme will have guests stepping right up to enjoy an unforgettable day celebrating your little barker-to-be.

  • 2. Victorian Baby Shower

An elegant, Victorian-inspired baby shower will give your guests a fancy vibe without feeling stuffy. Take note: Opulent dessert tables are a perfect choice for this ladylike — or gentlemanly — event.

  • 3. Rock 'n' Roll Baby Shower

What better way to celebrate your little rocker-to-be than with a totally rockin' baby shower? Guests will be screaming for an encore when you add unique touches like these record decorations and tiny rock star T-shirts.

  • 4. Yoga Baby Shower

What expectant mom couldn't use a gentle flow, especially as it gets harder for her to see her own toes? Bonus points for henna on the belly!

  • 5. Valentine Baby Shower

Even if your bundle of joy isn't due anytime near Feb. 14, you can still go all out with the love-and-hearts theme. This one works really well particularly if you know your little sweetheart is a girl.

  • 6. Bro Baby Shower

What could be cooler than friends showering the dad-to-be as he awaits the baby's arrival? Props to any bros who actually get decorations, and matching plates and napkins.

  • 7. Wet and Wonderful Baby Shower

Water is not just for birthing babies. A baby shower at a lake or spa can be extremely relaxing for guests and moms-to-be.

  • 8. Moroccan Baby Shower

Expectant moms will love sitting on pillows surrounded by luxurious drapery at this opulent party. And who knows, the spicy food just might put her into labor.

  • 9. Garden Party Baby Shower

A simple and classic idea, having a baby shower in a pretty garden means that the surrounding flowers and greenery can be your decorations. Add a flowy white dress like this one and you're sure to feel beautiful on this special day.

  • 10. Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually associated with warm spring days, but there's no reason your winter shower can't be magical. Snowflakes and holly can be a festive and cozy way to welcome your newest addition to the family.