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Baby Pikachu, is that you? Pokemon Go inspires baby names, BabyCenter reports

A recent BabyCenter survey shows that Pokemon-loving parents are choosing creative names for their little ones.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

From Venonat to Flareon, the names of Pokemon characters can be tough to pronounce.

But according to BabyCenter, some parents are embracing the interesting names of Pokemon Go as well as names from older versions of Pokemon, naming their babies after the franchise's beloved creatures.

Naming babies after Pokemon creatures.
Eevie or Roselia? Parents who play Pokemon Go could be naming their babies after characters from the franchise.Illustration: Getty Images stock, Nintendo

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Names like Roselia, Eevee and Onyx are on the rise for girls, BabyCenter reports. For boys, the name of eager Pokemon trainer Ash is rising in popularity, along with Ivy and Shay.

With the "Pokemon Go" craze sweeping the world, it can be assumed that more Pokebabies will be welcomed into the world in the coming months. BabyCenter reports that 50 percent of the moms who frequent their site say they are playing the game, leaving plenty of room for baby Pikachus and Bulbasaurs.

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“Parents are always looking to pop culture for baby name inspiration and, right now, it doesn’t get hotter than Pokemon Go,” Linda Murray, BabyCenter Global Editor in Chief, said in a news release.

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Only time will tell if little Nidorina and Jigglypuff will have play dates at the Pokegym, or evolve into more fierce creatures after collecting enough candy.

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