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These are the 18 coolest winter baby names

Got a winter baby coming? Here are some creative names that are snow joke.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Babies born in winter are special gifts, whether they arrive days before Christmas, start the new year off right in January, or deliver Valentine's Day love.

If you're expecting a wintertime special delivery, you may want to select a baby name that honors his or her season of birth. Nameberry offers page after page of winter-themed names that celebrate the coolest season of the year. (Most are for girls, but some are for boys, and others can be used for either.)

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1. Amethyst

Amethyst, the purple-hued birthstone for February, could be the new hot gem name, alongside friends Ruby and Pearl.

2. Bianca

Some of us still think of Bianca Jagger first and foremost, but Bianca qualifies as a winter name because it means "white," which is such a striking winter color.

3. December

The most famous of the winter months has an elegance to it, and it's rarely used as a name, so your child won't have to go by "December Last Initial" in grade school.

4. January

Thanks to "Mad Men" star January Jones, this winter-month name is a bit more common than December, but still rare.

5. Holly

Holly will always have a winter tie-in. The baby on "Breaking Bad" and Mike's little sister on "Stranger Things" both have this name.

6. Noel

The unisex name "Noel" means Christmas in French, of course. Playwright Noel Coward is perhaps the most famous bearer of this name. Women often spell it Noelle, and we've also met a (male) Nowell.

7. North

Yes, North, as in "Pole," and as in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter. This unisex name can be used even for babies who don't have directional last names, like West.

8. Snow

Nameberry reports that Snow is much more popular as a girl's name than a boy's name, but perhaps Jon Snow, from "Game of Thrones," might change that ratio.

9. Turquoise

December's striking bluish-green birthstone makes for an unusual and elegant wintery name.

10. Winter

Celeb parents are all over this snowy seasonal name. Former Facebook president Sean Parker used it for his daughter, and so did actress Gretchen Mol, while Nicole Richie used it as a middle name for daughter Harlow.

11. Zev

This unusual biblical name starts with the trendy letter Z. Why associate it with winter? It means "wolf" in Hebrew, and wolves often live in cold climates.

12. Frost

You may only know it as a last name, as in poet Robert Frost or talk-show host David Frost. But creative parents are warming up to Frost as a first name.

13. Holiday

If Holly's too common for you, Holiday takes that same opening sound and jazzes it up. Plus this baby would have his or her own Madonna song.

14. Ivy

Ivy was a grandma-only name for years, but it's riding the vintage-name revival now. Not only does ivy (sometimes in conjunction with holly) have a holiday connotation, it also signifies faithfulness.

15. Lux

In winter, we crave light, and Lux, which means light in Latin, flips the switch. Rockers know that Lux Interior was a founding member of The Cramps.

16. Neva

Neva comes from the Spanish verb "nevar," meaning "to snow," and it may remind some of the popular girl's name "Nevaeh," which is "heaven" spelled backwards.

17. Nia

Nia has special meaning for African-American parents, as it's one of the days of Kwanzaa.

18. Zohar

If Zev isn't the Z name for you, powerful-sounding Zohar brings a bit of a sci-fi edge to boy names. Its winter connection? Like Lux, it means "light," or "radiance," this time in Hebrew.