Baby name regrets: 'Couldn't you have named me Bob?'

It's not like you named your child something crazy like Moxie Crimefighter or Bear Blu (apologies to Penn Jillette and Alicia Silverstone).

You chose something classic but cool, original but not weird, pronounceable but not too common, and you're totally happy with the name... most of the time.

But then, you get to preschool and realize that little Aidan or Sophie will be one of five in their class with the same name. Or you have to correct the pronunciation of Xander's name for the third time in row. Or explain for the millionth time that no, little Taylor was not named after Swift or Lautner. And you feel... just a twinge.

For some parents, name regret grows strong enough that they actually change their child's name legally. Others choose a name before conception and never look back. Many parents fall somewhere in between: Mostly happy with the name, but with a few moments of "what if?"

Mom blogger Charlotte Hilton Andersen wrote about her own baby-name regret on Redbook's mom blog. Her son's name? Jonas. Yes, like the brothers. No, they didn't see that coming eight years ago when they named him.

Andersen wrote: "The first time it happened, we giggled. But this weekend when yet another little girl tittered and asked my 8-year-old son Jonas if he was named after the Jonas Brothers, the only sound was my son's sigh. 'Couldn't you have named me Bob?' ... While I still love his name, I can understand why he gets tired of the jokes. At this age the girls are mostly reverential but if Nick, Joe and That Other One I Can Never Remember stick around the scene, by high school my son might have a legitimate complaint."

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The percentage of parents who regret their child's name varies depending on the poll, and probably on the mood of the parents on any given day. One British website claims its survey found that half of parents wish they'd chosen a different name; in a TODAY Moms poll last year, one in ten readers admitted to feeling baby name regret.

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Kooky celebrity baby names do play a role in the new pressure on parents to come up with the "perfect" name, one expert says.

“Children have always been objects of enhancement, but with celebrities and names now, there is a total objectification,” psychiatrist Dr. Michael Brody told TODAY Moms. “People see celebrities having or adopting more and more children, and giving them names that attract even more attention to them, and there is the sense that they should do the same for their own kids.”

What about you? Have you ever had second thoughts about your child's name?

Pink and daughter, Willow, at a park in Malibu, CA.Alicia Silverstone pictured holding her baby son, Bear Blu, during a break on the set of the "Gods Behaving Badly" movie in Brooklyn. Also pictured is Sharon Stone.

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