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Baby name experts predict the top 100 names of 2017

Which baby names will be the next Aiden and Ava? Check out these up-and-comers.
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From Alden to Zinnia, here are the names that Nameberry experts think should be on every parent's short list today.

If the 2017 parent were limited to only 100 possible baby names, what should they be? Which names strike that perfect balance of being supremely stylish but not trendy, distinctive yet not weird, creative yet down-to-earth?

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We've whittled down the thousands of possibilities to the elite 100 best baby names that are most emblematic of our times while also being timeless and forward-facing. The names here are perfect for a 2017 baby yet will serve him or her well into the turn of the next century (now there's an amazing thought).

Of course, there are hundreds of other awesome baby names that potentially fit these criteria. But these are our picks for the very best of the best right now, and why.

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Alden: May unseat the popular Aiden, thanks to actor Ehrenreich, the new Han in Star Wars

Amity: Friendly update for Hope and Faith

Amos: A Biblical boy that could follow the newly successful Abel

Araminta: British classic fresher than Arabella

Arcadia: Heavenly name for the optimistic

Archer: Fresher than Hunter, cooler than Arthur

Arrow: Its aim is true

Ash: Cool short form of Ashton or Asher, or full name on its own

Astrid: Scandi import with lots of style

Auden: Poetic surname chosen by Kelsey Grammer

Aviva: Vivacious palindromic choice

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Baxter: Could Bax be the new Max?

Bea Beatrice or Beatrix: Short form that stands alone

Benno: Ancient saints’ name makes Ben special

Birdie: Nature name taking flight

Booker: African-American hero name with literary and musical association

Bowie: The late idol inspiring baby namers

Briar: New unisex nature name in the Top 1000

Calliope: Love child of Cadence and Penelope

Cassius: Ancient Roman name that couldn't be cooler

Celeste: Ladylike name with heavenly associations

Clara: Clearly the most stylish Claire-related name today

Clark: Old-time heartthrob and superhero returns

Corin: The Bard gave us this distinctive yet straightforward boys' name

Cressida: Posh British possibility with a Shakespearean pedigree

Cyrus: Celeb choice with historic Eastern roots

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Daisy: Perennially fresh and charming flower name

Dashiell: Literary name with lots of dash

Delphine: Chic French twist on floral name

Dylan: Rebel poet name turned modern classic

Echo: Three trends — mythological, o-ending word name — in one modern choice

Eliza: Classic revival keeps gathering steam

Ember: Emma meets Amber

Emilia: Khaleesi gone classic

Esme: With love and… more love

Esther: Biblical heroine name weds ancient and feminist appeal

Felicity: Rogue One star Felicity Jones adds strength to this frilly name

Felix: Ancient saint turned cartoon cat turned happy modern baby name

Fiona: Romantic Scottish favorite moving on from Shrek

Forrest: Nature name with buttoned-down appeal

Frank: Frank Ocean updates this name from the Sinatra era

Frankie: Boyish nickname hot for girls

Geneva: Swiss place name destination

Gideon: Biblical boy name on the rise

Goldie: One name that's both rich and fun

Greer: Tailored Hollywood name, fresher than Harlow or Sloane

Gus: Friendly, informal Gus is the new Max

Indigo: Bright blue unisex baby name

Ines/Inez: Spanish-inflected variation of Agnes with starry new gloss

Iris: Elegant floral that’s also the name of the goddess of the rainbow

Isadora: The new1 "Isa-" girls’ name in town

Keziah: Biblical name that feels sleek and modern

Lachlan: Scottish choice finding wider favor

Lark: Bird name that sings sweetly in the middle

Lionel: Jazzy name with stylish leonine associations

Louise: This year's nominee for how can it NOT be in the Top 1000?

Loxley: Popping on Pinterest

Loyal: Virtue name that works for boys and girls

Lucian: Attractive male spin on the popular Lucy and Lucia

Lula: Vintage girls’ name on the upswing, and Liv Tyler's new daughter

Lux: As simple as it is luxurious

Marguerite: Cooler than Margaret, more classic than Margo

McCoy: The new Miles

Mirabelle: The new Isabelle

Monty: British favorite still fresh here

Osiris: Name from Egyptian mythology that feel powerful today

Otis: Bluesy choice that's the epitome of cool

Otto: Newest old O name for boys

Ozzie: Adorable O nickname for Ozias, Oswald, etc. Oz works too

Pearl: The most stylish middle name of the moment

Persephone: Now that Penelope is a Top 100 hottie, Persephone is rising

Posey: Sweet update on Poppy and Rosie

Quincy: Unusual Presidential choice that works for boys and girls

Ray: Sleek, simple name right for both genders

Reeve: A successor to celebrity surname name Reese

Remy: French, simple, delicious for either sex

Reuben: Hot Biblical boy name

Roman: Celebrity favorite with noble pedigree

Rosamund: Elegant rose family member

Ruth: Rich Biblical name finding new fans

Sadie: The fastest-rising girl name on Nameberry

Sage: A unisex name marrying wisdom and the natural world

Sasha: Unisex name re-embraced for boys

Saskia: Dutch treat with artistic vibe

Sayer: More eloquent than Sawyer

Simone: Gold medalist times two

Snow: Fresh, winter white choice

Soleil: Sunny French name shining here

Sybil: A not-done Downton Abbey name

Sylvie: Sweet French-accented choice

Tallulah: Dramatic name favored by celebrities, but still distinctive in the real world

Thea: Newcomer to the Top 000 that feels both classic and modern

Thor: Powerful superhero choice

Vera: Fresher than Cora or Ava

Wilder: Prepster name with an outdoorsy vibe

Winnie: Winning nickname-name finding new fans, including Jimmy Fallon

Winston: Churchill makes it a hero name, but Winston feels wearable for a child, too

Yara: Spanish favorite slowly being discovered by the wider world

Zelda: New series based on the life of Zelda Fitzgerald debuts on Amazon early this year

Zinnia: Exotic floral choice