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Baby monitor captures identical twins hugging in their cribs

Normally, the 18-month-old brothers unwind before naptime by chucking stuffed animals at each other.
Kennedy News and Media
/ Source: TODAY

A baby monitor captured the deep bond between a set of identical twins in Scotland.

Laura Dalton had just put her 18-month-old sons, Jacob and Noah Cantlay, down for their nap when she saw something on the baby monitor that took her breath away.

Jacob and Noah were standing on their tiptoes hugging in their side-by-side cribs. At one point, the toddlers are even seen looking into each other's eyes.

It was a sight Dalton had never seen before. Typically, Jacob and Noah delay bedtime by chucking stuffed animals at each other.

“This made me burst with love,” Dalton, 28, told Kennedy News and Media. “Because they do fight over toys, it’s lovely to know they love each other.”

Identical twins Jacob and Noah Cantlay were captured on a baby monitor sharing a hug in their side-by-side cribs.Kennedy News and Media

The fact that the boys were cuddling “on their own accord” and made the moment even more special, Dalton said.

She hopes the video will always remind Jacob and Noah of their special connection, especially when they're teens.

“So many people have said it needs to go viral,” Dalton revealed. “I’ll save this for when they’re older to show them.”

Laura Dalton and her fiancé, Fraser Cantlay, with their sons Jacob and Noah.Kennedy News and Media

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