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Baby meets bunnies! Mom captures heartwarming photos

Pennsylvania-based mom and blogger Lindsey Bonnice photographed her adopted baby son, Finn, with his pet bunnies and the results are adorable.
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What’s cuter than a chubby-cheeked baby? A chubby-cheeked baby with a bunny (or four), of course. Case in point: these adorable snaps of 10-week-old Finn and his furry friends Lucy, Leo, Opal and Tulip.

“While we were waiting for Finn to be born, I had been photographing Lucy wearing some of Finn’s hats just for fun, so once he arrived, I thought it would be fun to continue including her,” said Lindsey Bonnice, the blogger behind the heartwarming shots of her adopted son, told TODAY. “It immediately turned into a fun, creative little project with my sweet babes.”

The result is what they call internet gold. Double the cuteness, the bundles of joy, who model everything from party hats to crowns, had Bonnice's Instagram followers uncontrollably ooh-ing and aww-ing.

“Finn likes watching the bunnies and sometimes tries to reach for them. It’s sweet just watching him taking it all in,” said Bonnice. “The bunnies are curious of him — always sniffing and hopping around him."

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She continued, "The other day when Finn was laying on our fuzzy pink carpet, Leo was hopping around and ran from across the room, went right up to Finn’s face to say hello. Finn got so excited.” Thankfully, she captured this moment in action.

But this wasn’t Bonnice’s first rodeo — the Pennsylvania-based mom first melted hearts everywhere after posting snaps of her now 3-year-old daughter Libby and pet pig, Pearl, last year.

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“Since we have a lot of animals, it was natural for me to capture moments of the kids with them,” she said. With two dogs, two cats, four rabbits, two pigs, two goats, one sheep and lots of chickens, the big, happy Bonnice brood resides on a small hobby farm.

"Allowing the kids to grow up around all the animals is one of my favorite things and our lives are so much richer because of it.”

Big sis Libby and 7-year-old bro Noah are already fans of Finn. “Libby loves Finn and is such a little mini mama with him,” said Bonnice. “She loves holding him, throwing away his diapers, and singing to him.”

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As for what she loves most about the project, Bonnice said, “I love photographing the animals and kids because every image is a surprise as to how they’ll turn out. The relationships fascinate me so much and bring joy to so many. That’s what I love the most — how much joy everyone gets from seeing these images, just like I do, and how truly happy the kids are when I’m taking them.”