7 adorable, easy DIY costume ideas for baby's first Halloween

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Is it baby's first Halloween? Thanks to Pinterest, we've picked a pumpkin patch of DIY ideas that are more treat than trick.

1. Harry Potter Junior

Everyone's baby is magical, yours is just a little more so. (We might suggest more clothing than a Gryffindor scarf if baby is going outside!)


2. Baby burrito (bowl)

Could you just eat your baby up? Tell the world with this cute and easy costume.

Ellen Fide / Radio Flyer

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3. Mummy dearest

This baby wants his mummy! The wrapping is easy; let your own craftiness level determine how fancy you get with the sarcophagus stroller.


4. Pikachu peekaboo

Baby costumes don't need to be elaborate. This simple felt mask will charm all the Pokemon trainers on your block.

The Relaxed Homeschool

5. Junior senior citizens

It's not tough to dress up a baby like a senior citizen. The wigs and the glasses-on-necklace make this work.


6. Delicious doughnut

This sweet costume choice requires no sewing.

Sam Atkinson / Atkinson Drive

7. Carl from 'Up'

If your little one's old enough to stand with the help of a walker, you can turn that into a costume prop and cast him or her as the crotchety Carl from Pixar's "Up."

Wendy Wise