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Baby goes for a spin with dog, who's begging for a treat: Watch the video!

Monkey see, monkey do! Only in this case, it's a baby checking out the antics of the family pet.
/ Source: TODAY

Monkey see, monkey do!

Only in this case, we have a baby copying what the family dog is doing... and the results are delightfully synchronized!

There's not much to go on in this short YouTube video that's going viral, but from what we can see the family pooch is happy to twirl around and around on its hind legs for a treat being held over its head.

Well, baby is not going to let that stand! He wants a treat, too! So here's what you do in this family to get one: You spin around and around and around...

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Be sure not to miss the adorably mischievous grin on the little one's face, as if he knows it's all just silliness.

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