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Viral video shows baby girl belly-laughing when mom misses golf shot

Makenzie Haggett just wanted to practice her golf swing, but her 16-month-old daughter found it hilarious.
/ Source: TODAY

Mackenzie Haggett was eager to go on an outing to practice her golf swing with her husband, Blake, last week. But as the Idaho mom started swinging her clubs, she learned she had an unexpected heckler in the crowd: Her 16-month-old daughter, Aria.

In a viral video clip Haggett shared to Instagram, baby Aria squeals with delight and laughs at her mom when she misses a a shot.

"You know you suck at golf when your baby even laughs at you," Haggett joked in the post.

Haggett says she and her husband were nervous that Aria would be cranky during their practice session, as it was later in the evening and getting close to her bedtime. Instead, their little girl was filled with joy as she watched her mom mess up.

"I hit some really good balls and then started missing some," Haggett told TODAY Parents. "Right when I started missing them, she thought it was hilarious and had the biggest laugh from deep in her belly ... I really was trying to hit the ball but totally missed once again and she just died laughing."

Mackenzie Haggett with her husband, Blake, and their daughter, Aria.
Mackenzie Haggett with her husband, Blake, and their daughter, Aria.Mackenzie Haggett

Haggett says her husband loves to play golf, but as a former gymnast, the sport isn't her greatest skill. Still, she plans to continue to attempt to perfect her swing.

But will baby Aria be present every time mom hits the green?

"That day we were just hitting balls from the hitting range," said Haggett. "If we play nine or 18 holes we usually have her go with her grandma."

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