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Baby gets name after his birth on stormy sea

A newborn baby gets his name from the location on the GPS where he was born when his parents were on a sailing trip from Jacksonville to Key West.
/ Source: WPBF-TV

Bearing Linville was born a healthy 7 pounds Sept. 13. How he got his name is a story he will likely tell his children one day.

The newborn's parents weren't exactly ready when he arrived. He wasn't due for another four weeks.

"It actually went really well," father Jerry Linville said. "I'm very blessed. I thank God for that every day because it could have been a complicated situation."

Linville and his wife, Patricia Carden, were sailing from their home in Jacksonville, Fla., to Key West, Fla., when Carden, 38, went into labor. Linville said he was trying to steer the boat out of a storm at the time.

"The storm kicked up some bumpy waves, and I guess that started my labor," Carden said.

The couple was in the Atlantic Ocean, about 28 miles off of the shores of Stuart, when Carden gave birth to their son. They just received the baby's birth certificate, which confirmed the birth location.

It reads, "sea/air occurrence." That's how the newborn's name came to be.

"All we had was the location on our GPS of where he was born, so we named him Bearing," Linville said.

After the delivery, Linville got them to the Jupiter inlet so that mother and child could get to the hospital.

"Of course, my wife, she's had children before, so she kind of coached me along," Linville said. "She handled it like a champ. I was about to have a heart attack."

The couple plans to continue their trip as soon as they get the baby's Social Security card.

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