Baby flashes an 'A-OK' sign just minutes after birth

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

We all know that birth can be a traumatic experience for both mother and child, but it looks like this newborn named Hartley came out...just fine.

On Aug. 1, a proud papa in London, England who goes by the social media handle Paymaker posted an image on Imgur of his just-born daughter, flashing an A-OK sign with her middle finger and thumb, all while resting skin-to-skin on her mother’s chest.

Since then, the image, along with the caption, “My daughter was born at 2am today. And she gave us the OK,” has banked more than 7.2 million views on Imgur and almost 1,500 comments on Reddit.

Delivered in a birthing pool, the snapshot was captured minutes after the expressive 8-pound, 3-ounce marvel entered the world. According to Paymaker via Reddit, it was Hartley’s mother who suggested taking the photo upon discovering the baby’s instant knack at an OK gesture.

Imgur user Guardian of The Hamster commented that Hartley’s nimble fingers must be “signaling the amount of sleep her parents will be getting in the near future.”

The father seems to be taking the new addition to the family household in stride based on his humorous responses. He later shared on Reddit: "She's my third daughter, so a man cave is now a necessity."

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