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Baby rubs spaghetti on his bare belly during dinner in adorable viral video

Albie's mom says he's a total foodie.
/ Source: TODAY

An adorable 1-year-old with Down syndrome is celebrating all of life's pasta-bilities in a viral video that shows him rubbing spaghetti all over his bare belly.

Albie Dunville, who lives in the U.K. with his mom, Emma Ayers, and dad, Adam Dunville, was born in January 2019. Ayers says she and her fiance were unaware of Albie's Down syndrome diagnosis before his birth, explaining the way they were told of his condition in the hospital was "not at all positive."

Since his birth, however, Ayers shifted her focus to the "amazing" things about her son, who she says is "something else."

"It was a dark and scary time in those early hours and our fear of the unknown was intense," Ayers told TODAY Parents. "Thankfully, we realized fairly quickly that Albie was a baby like any other and needed the same things from us that any baby would need ... Albie was much more than a Down syndrome diagnosis. He is now one, and the funniest, cheekiest, most stubborn little boy."

Today, Ayers, 30, works closely with Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS), an online support forum for parents, sharing her experience with others who need support.

Ayers shared the video, in which Albie simultaneously feasts on a spaghetti dinner and rubs it all over his body, with PADS, and their post sharing the video has gone viral.

Nicola Enoch is the founder of PADS and mom to a 15-year-old son who also has Down syndrome. Enoch says sharing Albie's video is a perfect example of the goal she had when starting PADS in 2017.

"We want people to realize that there's nothing to be sorry about — that having a baby with Down syndrome is to be celebrated and that we love our kids and are proud of them," said Enoch.

Albie with his mom, Emma Ayers, 30, and dad, Adam Dunville, 31.
Albie with his mom, Emma Ayers, 30, and dad, Adam Dunville, 31.Kennedy News and Media / Kennedy News and Media

As for Albie, Ayers says her son is quite the foodie, eating anything they offer him at mealtime.

"He doesn't have any teeth yet, but he doesn't let that stop him for a second," said Ayers. "Spaghetti is of course a firm favorite, and mealtimes can be very messy where Albie is involved.

"The food and belly combo was a new one to us," Ayers continued. "Albie has absolute bags of personality and his smile is the most contagious I've ever seen. You can literally watch people around him light up."