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Watch this baby dance (in utero) to hip hop song 'Baby Got Back'

I like baby butts and I cannot lie.
/ Source: TODAY

Danielle Sapienza is no stranger to capturing the funnier moments of pregnancy and motherhood. A New York City lifestyle photographer, she's produced photo series chronicling everything from "What Women Want" to "What the BUMP!?" happens to women's bodies during pregnancy.

But it's a funny new Instagram video posted to her photography account, Danielle Guenther Photos, that's getting attention in recent days. Sapienza, who is 34 weeks pregnant with her second child, captured her baby (a boy) dancing in utero to Sir Mix-A-Lot hit "Baby Got Back," and we have to say, the kid already has some great moves.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie," the song plays on Sapienza's partner, Scott Smith's phone. Immediately, the baby boy moves his behind to the music from inside mom's belly.

"It's a hysterical song and has always made us laugh — especially my 10 year old," Sapienza told TODAY Parents. "The baby is a super active baby and he pushes his bottom against my stomach a lot, so it seemed perfect to play him 'Baby got Back.'"

Sapienza says she and Smith have always listened to '90s music together, so their baby has grown and developed while hearing tunes from the decade.

"'90's hip hop has always been our favorite since we started dating years ago," Sapienza explained. "We'd always turn on the '90s music and dance — it brings us back to the good old days."

Danielle Sapienza with her partner, Scott Smith and son, Lochlan, 10.
Danielle Sapienza with her partner, Scott Smith and son, Lochlan, 10.Danielle Sapienza

Sapienza, who is due in September, says capturing funny moments like this is what she and her family do best.

"We're always laughing and doing goofy stuff," she said. "Life is too short to take it seriously."